Thursday, January 15

New haircut for the new year!

I snipped off my haircut for the new year because my mum says that my hair looks like 'I just woke up' even though i diddddddd brush my mane before i head off for school/work! :(

Anyways, i wasn't too sure if short hair would suit me because i have a pretty chubby face, but i went to Pinterest for inspirations and realized that 2015 is the year which promotes lots of short to mid length haircut?


Ok, so i wouldnt be as pretty/cute as them, but this is my version of mid length hair! I snipped it off to touch my shoulder because i didn't want it to be too short. Was kinda afraid that i would look like shit, but i think it turns out hmm, ok?

Definitely much more refreshing to have shorter locks, but it meant additional time to fuss over my hair because i would have stray hair popping out in all direction so i have to blow dry each time i bathed. Damn troublesome.

Damn curly hair and its curse. 

In case you are wondering, my eyelash extension is still there (though barely) and i did them over at Take Care Salon over at Siam Paragon for 1600 baht!

5th day of school - tiringggggggg

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