Tuesday, January 20

Midweek ,, not quite

As i'm writing this, its only Monday so its not really midweek. But i cant think of a nicer title for this blog post without sounding corny (or did this sound corny as well? LOL!) so here's some updates from last week!

VLs are gonna end this coming Wed and school's gonna start from Feb onwards officially. I am already seeing assignment deadlines everywhere so let's skip the entire schooling topic for now.

.These days, i wonder if its because we had grown to be so used to being together that when SJ asked me what do i want to do for the day, my first answer would be to laze at his house and cuddle up with him.

I know right, i'm so deep.
& whoever says that anything with sunlight would look artistic is clearly bullshitting their way through life. 

Look at this lie. 

LOL, ok next.

Met up with Xinni darling the other day for the Miyoc sales which happened over the weekends and bought 1 dress, 1 top and 1 skirt for $45! Pretty good steal and glad that we went over on Friday instead of the weekends because the crowd was horrible during the latter.

Went over to SJ's house after the sales (look up) and then met up with Xinni again, and also Junli!
Talked so much about our life (mostly hers actually since she was away) and catch up!

Watched Birdman the next day and it's actually a really good change from the usual spectrum of movies that i used to watch in the past. A good change though, and somehow mind provoking on some issues and topics like

How do you define "good" ?

Tuition on Sunday and HAD to camwhore because the lighting is so good. 
Loving natural lights like <3 

A showcase of my BHB selfie as well as my act cute poses. Grey x brown lenses are really difficult to camwhore in when you have minimal make up on :(

& lastly, thank you SJ for the lovely monthsary present. It's always a joy to receive a gift from you, no matter how big or small. But the best gift would always be you


Haha, but i really love the bracelet. Its simple and elegant and perfect for casual or dinner dates. In any case, this week would be pretty hectic since im meeting different groups of people every night for dinner and catch up (Tick-tock tick-tock, wallet's bleeding)

Cant wait for CNY to be here and sink into the bustling, festive season mood of the year again. For some reason, i really love CNY, much more than any other festivals because its the only legit time of the year whereby as long as you are chinese, you would celebrate it. (at least for now, though some people are starting to not celebrate it)

It's really sad to see a traditional festive period dying because people

1) wants to escape the ang bao tradition
2) cant be bothered by it anymore
3) too lazy to visit / bogged down with work

I mean, why do people places so much importance on days like Christmas and Valentines Day, but dissed CNY as something 'un-necessary and bothersome' ?

I don't know, but i really like Chinese New Year. I love how everyone would gather and says auspicious things. I love how family members gossips about you, and compare their children / career / be sarcastic / ask about marriage.

It makes me feel human to feel everything


Ok, shall sleep now and stop the yakking now hehe

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