Sunday, January 25

Dinner with the clique

After months of separation from one another, we finally had a decent full force 
meet up with everyone present hahah 

(whilst im typing this, im suffering from a horrible case of mosquitoes attacks in my room)

We had dinner over at Astons @ The Cathay. Loads of catching up as usual, as well as an intense session of meeting with Joey's new guy. 

I look like a super auntie with that plastic which was from some stores selling chinese herbs and medicine, but hey, we were exchanging gifts that night! Kinda way overdued, but we always had a tradition of a game of secret santa between the five of us and exchanging presents to spice up the entire Christmas mood.

Definitely had lots of laughs and giggles when we attempt to guess who's who secret santa and everyone's 'awww' look when we open up the present. 

Thanks Cassia for being my lovely angel this year! <3

Joey and Marc went off first because they had another place to visit as part of the super well-planned itinerary Joey did for his 4-days visit to SG. I went off first with the others as it was a Thursday so you know, can't stay out too late lah.

But we started taking selfies/wefies/pictures/camwhore on the way to Raffles Place because the train was so empty?! Cannot waste the chance hahahaha

& when we split into 'pairs'

Souvenirs and cards from the other girls <3
Its been a good 9 years since i know Joey and around 8 years since i know the rest. We were all from different classes (we were never in the same class at any one point of the time), and not even in the same Poly/JC, and now even in different countries for our universities. We don't talk regularly on whatsapp and it can be so dead quiet some times that i forgot i actually had a group in the first place.

But you know, i love how we are always there for one another. Whenever any one of us had trouble, we are always there. Regardless. Everyone would put their own inputs and show support no matter where they are and how busy they are. 

Kinda mushy lah, but i think this is the type of friendship which im really, really lucky to have and own in this lifetime. I used to think that 'the more friends the better', and 'i want to be one of those cool kids with millions of likes on instagram/facebook even when i post a picture of flowers'

But yeah, not saying that those are bad, but i think each of us should always have a group of such close friends whom you know you can always, always count on regardless of what happened.

I've seen and been in lots of relationships that comes and goes, but i'm still loving the best kind whereby you don't measure the quality of the relationship with the amount of communication and time you spend together. Heck, you don't even need to think the same.

But you know that even when you don't talk or meet up for goddamn long, you can still laugh and make the dead wake.

I've also finally, finally changed to a new phone! I had my iphone 4S as a birthday gift from my Uncle back during my Beijing times, but it had since started to act too cranky to my liking.

Yes, i bought the phone with my own savings.

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