Monday, December 15

Uucare Crown Antibacterial and Uucare Cool Technology

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Hello ladies! Today i am going to introduce a product which is close to every girl's heart,, 
Sanitary Pads!

I remembered that when i had my first "Japan flag", i was in Primary 5. It was extremely weird and surreal for me to actually have to start going through this entire process for probably, a good 30 - 40 years of my life, depending on when the legendary menopause strikes.

But yeah, i remembered being helpless and disgusted by the term "period". It was definitely not one of the best feeling in this world, and i continue to be plagued by PMS, back-aches and severe cramps as the years zoom past. It's something which i have to go through regardless because i am born a female (not that i hate being one), but i can't help but wish that periods can get/be




NO CHANCE OF STAINS (Say yes to white shorts!)

What's more, do you know that by having proper menstrual care, you are actually decreasing any potential harmful effects to your body? & i can't emphasis on how important it is to love your body because always remember that 

So having said all these, i had been approached by Uucare recently - a company who takes pride in producing quality sanitary pads which are:

1. Antibacterial

2. Breathable and soft

3. Non flourescer (a type of whitening agent which means, chemicals)

To me, i feel that the first two points are really important because when i am having my period, i'm already releasing so much blood which really makes me feel sticky, gooey and most of all uncomfortable. 

& during times whereby i'm really busy, i would have to miss going to the toilet (longer than i would recommend to all girls who wears sanitary pads)


Uucare has a patented funnel shape that allows faster absorption, and that's really, really important because feeling clean makes you feel happy! & happy means no PMS hahaha

Plus, i am the type of girls who have pretty heavy days at the beginning of the 'cleansing process' so i usually need to purchase more than 30cm in length and above, and the market doesn't really have too much choices for girls like me :(

So thank god Uucare has them! :)

Uucare's sanitary pads are ultra slim, cottony, soft, breathable, eliminate odors and keeps you dry for hours. In addition, its range of products consists of Crown Antibacterial
and UUcare Cool Technology, catering to the everyday needs of women. 

Liners – 150mm, 
Day – 240mm / 280mm
Night 280mm /320mm / 360mm. 

If you are interested to give this technology a try, you can head over to Watsons, as well as John Little, NTUC, OG and Nishino Pharmacy (Christmas sales/promotions/benefits all over SG now!!)
to purchase these range of products!

If you are someone like me who aren't ready to commit into buying something new,
simply click HERE for free samples!

Also, remember to like Uucare on Facebook 

Start showing your Vijayjay some love today!

Till then <3

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