Thursday, December 11


Went to AFA'14 the other day because i was supposed to be cosplaying with Violet's team for the series No Game No Life. It's one of the first few animes which i actually all episodes of it, albeit it only having 12 episodes.

Nevertheless, really glad to be part of this team because everyone was very much on the same page and in sync with one another in terms of commitment level and whats not :) 

Cosplayed as Izuna from NGNL and i have to say that i definitely look too happy/moe for her. I smile too much in contrast to the original character because she has a rather stoned look, and that expression would really make me look like a retard instead of moe. I tried to convey her happy temperament after the competition but i might have over-did it a little.

But it was fun to cosplayed as her and be a moe 9 years old girl for a day LOL!

With my excellent team members. Thank you Violet for inviting me into the team! It was really fun to cosplay alongside you and the rest of the team members as well.

One of the event picture which we got from Wei Kiat. 
Thank you for the picture!<3

Met up with some old friends as well - the thing about event is that we get to meet people whom we had not seen for a long time or due to a clash of schedule. 

Really happy to see some old friends again, but i didnt managed to find many old faces but was instead bombarded with lots of new faces. I guess the influx of consplayers in SG is indeed true these years. 

Had dinz at Crystal Jade with SJ, Violet and Imax! Super full but <3 It was something like a ,, double date i guess? Since we were a double pair haha! My eyes look like a case of plastic surgery done badly,, as commented by my mum when i reached home LOL

I can't believe i walked around looking like this for a good 2 hours around Suntec and Marina 8D

Day 2! Went into the event halls but there were nothing much to be honest. Loved the niconico stage though even though i am not a fan. Their singing is <3 

Kinda went to the event for Emily because she was cosing on day 2, and she look so pretteh <3 
Love this beetch,

AFA'14 was a wonderful experience even though i had very little interactions with old friends because i cant find them at all .. did not managed to see the people whom i wish to speak to as well because i cant find/see them. LOL

But cosing NGNL reminded me the reason why i started on this hobby, and here i am now, back to reading manga and watching anime again :3

I'm sorry if i bored some of you readers out there who aren't that into anime, manga and cosplay but you know, perhaps just a peep into a cosplayer's life and know that we are all still sane people who eat, sleep and shit just like any one out there. 

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