Wednesday, December 3

Symmetry Coffee

Symmetry Coffee //

Heard a lot about this place and since we were around the area, SJ and I decided to hop by the cafe for a quick visit. Symmetry Cafe seems to be well-known for their coffee brew, and being fans of Cafe Latte (SJ totally converted me), we ordered one each.

The verdict? Its good. 

Craving for some sweet bites and ordered a slice of their blueberry cheesecake ($6 - $6.50). Albeit too soft to my liking as i like my crust hard, but nevertheless, a good treat on a hot saturday.

Really love how they done up the place (even though the location was a bitch to find for us since we walked there from Haji Lane), and the entire vibe of the place. The waiter who served us was polite and even though he had to make numerous trips to the mini window to enquire about the cakes pricing and flavor, he did it with a smile all the while.

Probably one of the few cafes which i would re-visit and recommend to family, friends and cafe-hoppers!

Happy midweek btw! :)

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