Tuesday, December 2

5 Things I learned from my 6 years old sister

Hello guys, back with another entry - this time round on a slightly different genre from my recent few. December had just arrived yesterday, and its the season of giving, loving and celebrating. Christmas! To be honest, i had never been a huge fan of Christmas because it really meant little to my family and I, seeing how we are not Christians and our families do not have any tradition of sort in celebrating the special day.

But after grasping on to the handle of being an young adult these recent years, i have *guilty as charged!, immersed into the entire season of giving and hopefully, receiving presents as well as enjoying this wonderful time with my love ones.

So much so that it kinda inspired me to write this entry titled

"Things i learned from my sister"

1. She is a blabbermouth
My sister is a huge blabbermouth when it comes to 'complaining'. Whenever i rant to her about my mum being all PMS again, she would, without a second thought, run to my mum and told her exactly what i just said. Gets on my nerves at times, but it made me guilty as well. Did i just tried to instill negative emotions into my sister about my mum? I realized that if a young child feels that this isn't right, there's something very wrong with the entire basis of the action.

2. She's quick to apologize
Nevertheless, my sister makes my mother and myself angry all the time. But she wouldn't simply wage an entire 'cold war' with us. She would come to us, try and pacify us with her 'act cute' voice, and hoping that we would forgive her with her apologetic face and promise not to do it again (liar). When was the last time we put down our pride and apologize? I hasn't for a long time. I had always secretly hope that the problem would go away just by keeping quiet, even if i'm the one in wrong. I simply deposit the issue away and turn away from it. 

3. She's always excited to head out with my parents
My mum and dad have this habit of going for evening runs over at the park near by house. They would bring my sister to the park (without me because i'm lazy to go), and my sister would always, always, always be ever-so excited to go with them. In fact, she wants to go with them everywhere they go and whines when she can't. Me? As i grow older, i had the choice to choose. & truth to be told, i tend to sacrifice my family time for my boyfriend and friends.

4. She learns fast, and she apply them in real life
You know how we are so connected to the internet these days? My sister is as well. She surfs Youtube and Facebook on my mum's ipad every single day. As such, she is exposed to numerous videos of all sorts - some good, some bad. But the thing is, she would watch videos which promotes good traits and she apply them in real life. For instance, table manners. Asking why people did not give up their seats. It was such a natural thing to them, but we seem to neglect all these as we grow up. These days, all of us are so involved in the virtual world, but really, how many of us apply the so called, 'right things' to do? We like and share all these information all the times, silently "preaching" about these to others by sharing these images/videos. But at the end of the day, was it a meaningful act, or was it simply to share for the sake of sharing. 

5. She only has us
Being a child at the age of 6, i would say that she spend most of her time with us - her family. As of such, we are there for at least 80% of her life. Simply put, she only has us. & that's why she would put in efforts and come to love and care for us the most, since we spent so much time together. She would spew out "I love you" to my dad out of the blue, or suddenly hug my mum. She would fight to have my mum/dad to herself when i try to "snatch" them from her. She would ask my mum where am i when i hang out late, and she would snapchat me to share with me about her days at times. These are the things we would do for our boyfriend/girlfriend, or perhaps best friends. We throw the most extravagant parties to surprise our love ones, we place in so much effort to please that one person. We buy expensive gifts, forgive and read articles on how to promote and further improve our relationships with people, whom we call 'strangers' months/years ago. And yet, we brush off our mum's birthday with a simple happy birthday, or to not thank our dads for waking up early to cook breakfast for us when we would even offer to help if it's a friend instead.

My sister came into my life 6 years old. 
She is a never-ending reminder on me to care more about my family, my parents. 
She taught me that when i was 6 years old just like her, my mother took care of me painstakingly. When she was sick and needs to be admitted into the hospital, when she got bullied by friends, when she wanted someone to play with us (albeit all of us being tired), and when she needed someone to clean her up, to feed her, to teach her and most importantly, to be there for her.

Perhaps this December we should recount on the times when we were still a child and how our parents cared for us. 

Perhaps we should start spending more time with them and say "I love you" more often than we did.

Perhaps we should stop writing more articles about love, about friendship, about ourselves and more about the people who brought us to where we are today.

But all in all,
thank you for bringing my younger sister, Jesstine, into my life :)

Happy December guys!

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