Sunday, November 30

People's Park Complex - Hotpot

Restaurant Review - People's Park Complex Hotpot

Hello guys! Back with a short entry on this really awesome place which was introduced to me by Emily a long time back. This is definitely a hidden gem strewn across the numerous travel agencies in the shopping mall.

Ta-daa, hotpot set at a super affordable price! (Think $6-10)

They have choices such as Chicken, Pork (my fave!), Beef and they recently added on Wagyu Beef and some other new sets into their menu.

A set usually include your personal hotpot, main carbo (rice, maggie, bee hoon, mee sua) veggies, and your chosen main meat (look above picture for a sense of how a set looks like). Drinks are not included and can be purchased at around $1 - $1.50, of which i can't remember the exact amount as of now. 

Soup base include Clear soup, Tom Yum etc etc. & they also have a 'sauce table' for you to mix and match your own preferred sauce!

Maggie mee + Tom Yum soup base is like my fave LOL. 

SJ ordered their beef (which was around $12-$14 for the set) but i can't remember the exact name of the dish. It's actually pretty good and satisfying for a simple meal if you are around that area.

Rating: 4/5 

Definitely one of my fave place to head to when i am around that area or has a craving for hotpot, but with a tight budget. -1 because the area is pretty much full of PRCs as of now, and not trying to be rude or racist or anything, some of them can be pretty rough when it gets crowded, especially on weekends. SJ and i had to literally "push" our way through the crowd last Sunday, and it was RAINING.

Other than that, its not a bad place to go to if you are budget constraint but yet, wants to try some hotpot! Their meat are probably frozen meat, which explains the low price i suppose?

People's Park Complex
Unit No: 02-78 (if i'm not wrong)

It's not really a restaurant, more of like an eatery but its air-conditioned. It can get crowded on peak timing due to its cheap pricing of food so do take note of that. 


Found this off a shop along the pavement outside of the shopping mall! Reminds me of this ah-mazing noodle which i love when i was back in Beijing. Its kinda like "cold noodle"
, but its soooo good. 

I found this version to have an overdose of vinegar (mygod, i was literally down-ing water), and a poor duplicate of the one i had back in Beijing.

Nevertheless, it was a cheap thrill for SJ and me to reminiscence about China on a cold Sunday with some good food (read: hotpot)

I hope this would serve helpful for people who works around that area and wants to have some cheap hotpot for lunch/dinner one of these days! :)

Till then, xoxo

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