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Reduze Pro

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Perhaps i would start off this blog post with this entry and this entry. If you are lazy and simply want a summary of it, it's really a whole entry about my own self-confidence (why i would never feel pretty enough) and also about my body size (its possible).

Looking at all these pictures really made me think about Beijing and the times i had back then. It was fun, but it was a slap on my own self-confidence as well. I definitely gained weight, didn't i?

I went all the way up to 58kg then, and i looked at myself with utmost contempt and distastefulness. My colleagues would comment about my "waist-less" body because my waist and hips joined together. Nearing the end, i started to call to enquire about liposuction over at Beijing.

Crazy right?

I was so close to doing it, but it was so expensive. & at the end of the day, it just wasn't that safe to have my body undergo an operations in China (sorry but, brand equity's problem). 

Taken last year's October period

Taken last year's December period

Taken last month

My weight had went down from 58kg to 48kg - so i lost a total of 10kg during the span of these two years. I am not a believer of muscle and abs, i just want a slim build and skinny stomach. Shallow much yeap, but nope, i don't need to post my perfect body on instagram and inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am just that, NOT disciplined you see.

On the other hand, i am extremely lazy. I can't run and don't hit the gym, and the only time i run would be after the bus or when SJ nudge me to hit the gym with him. HAHAHA, sorry lah!

I lost this 10kg entirely based on: 

- shitting (most important)
- less eating (most important)
- standing for at least 30 mins after i ate
- immediately going for a walk after i ate if i'm outside

That said, i find that less eating really helps a lot, esp when you are a glutton like me. 

That said, its not a "The End" even though you managed to shed some weight. There are days whereby you feel "fat" and you have to continue to "keep it up" to maintain the size, or to attain a even better body image you wish to achieve. That said, i hope that i am not inculcating the notion that slimming pills are the best and exercising sucks. Nope. 

You eat lesser to be skinny (moderately please, girls), but you exercise to stay lean ad gain muscles, which in fact gives you a healthy glow! Needless to say, the number of benefits tied to exercising are endless. But for girls who are like me, and you simply want to lose weight (the lazy way),

Introducing you, 

Reduze Pro

Recently, i gave Reduze Pro a try and realized that apart from all the benefits it has, it works so good on curbing my appetite. The Prebiotics apparently works well on curbing hunger (at least for me)

I can go the whole day without meal (bad i know) without feeling hungry at all! But you HAVE TO EAT even if you are not feeling hungry unless you want a broken gastric like mine. So please ladies and gentlemen (if any), please do not skip meals like me. It is damn bad and terrible to have gastric pain. 

Other than that, it is apparently important to detox during your weight loss regime. Based on the International Journal of Obesity published in 2010, weight loss releases excess toxins into the body. Therefore, it is important to start detoxify your body at the same time when you start a weight loss regime. 

The pills are packaged in a convenient way for ladies to simply slip into their handbag and fish it out before a heavy meal. For instance, i would take 1-2 pills before a heavy meal like Korean BBQ or buffet //insert guilty face

I mean come on, 

Reduze Pro incorporated (Results may vary and dosage is dependent)

- 8X MORE Weight Loss
- +52% Bowel Frequency
- -29% Calorie Intake
- 20 Billion live probiotics per dose

My main problem is my tummy. Like, i don't really have an issue with my thighs or legs or arms
Just my tummy. I really hate that flab of fats that gets squeezed out when i wear crop tee and a really tight skirt/shorts. I have to sit really straight whenever i sit down because i know that there would definitely be a layer of "spare tyre" poking out if i simply relax, and that really sucks :(

Reduze Pro targets the problem of a fat tummy, of which the Probiotics ingredient in the product trims your stomach by burning away your tummy fat

Not only this, it also has a triple action detox formula which 

1. Rebalance Gut Flora
2. Improve Digestive System 
3. Sustainable Weight Loss

Some of my favorite benefits would be how it helps to eliminate toxins and waste, flatten your stomach and improve bowel regularity!!!!

Of course, it also enhances weight loss and promotes clearer complexion for the users.

It's really simple to carry around! I simply slot it into my pouch and pop one before my meal, especially on weekends which i would consume more than ever. 

Direction of use
For normal effect, take 2 capsules once daily before food. For fast effect, take up to 3 capsules once daily before food. 
When the desired effect is achieved, reduce dosage back to 2  capsules daily

Where To Buy
• Guardian, John Little, Metro, Ntuc Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity & Watsons 

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Perhaps it would be inappropriate to mention this on a slimming product advertorial, but i really hope that for each readers out there who wish to purchase any types of slimming products, you need to understand that :

- it is not a miracle pill. Because if it is, plastic surgery wouldn't exist. I mean come on, $100+ is such a fair deal as compared to liposuction which costs thousands of dollars

- results vary and what works for me might not works for you. For instance, this did not do much to curb my mum's appetite but yes, she took 30 capsules from me because she was a past user and it helped her on her bloating/constipation problem

- similarly, it did not help me to shit because i have super bad constipation problems but it did help me to curb my appetite.

So what i am trying to say is that, at the end of the day, remember that your body functions only for your sake. When you are feeling unhappy or crying your lungs out, remember that the millions of cells in your body works for you. So treat them better. Don't delve into any products that the media presents to you. Do proper research. & if necessary, get a few friends to pool money and give the product a "try".

Nevertheless, i would continue to give Reduze Pro a go because i did not experience any side effects as of now and it did helped me to curb my appetite. My mum told me to eat 1 pill on "lighter meals" days and 2 pills on "heavier meals" days so i'm gonna try that method.

Not gonna bet that it would make me into a VS model immediately (they spend crazy shit hours in the gym before a show. Look at that body - you can't have it by eating lesser), but Christmas is coming and i do want to look pretty in a dress, and hopefully, a body-hugging one.

I had battled with body image issue since young because even though i am not overweight at any point of my life, i do genuinely feel sad whenever i see my own body reflection in the mirror during my heavier days. It's bad and i am still trying my best to feel beautiful regardless of my body size.

At the end of the day, SJ continued to love me even though i was beyond my desired size back then in Beijing. He continued to tell me how pretty i am, and how much he loves me. My rommate continued to reassure me that i am not fat and that i am simply, over-reacting. My colleagues, despite their sometimes curt remarks, would console me that being "too skinny" = "sicklish" and unhealthy. So, i might not have a model-like size, but come on, i felt so loved.

But yes, i am not going back to THAT size. So i am gonna continue to watch my diet and weight and go bat-shit crazy like a stupid girl when i go over 50kg before a meal. 

On a side note, i can't wait for Christmas!!!


  1. Hey I came across your blog and just wanna ask if you are still using this reduze?

    1. Hi Beth!

      Nope i am not consuming Reduze pro anymore but my mum does.
      Hope you find this information helpful!

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