Tuesday, November 18

Boon Lay Raja Restaurant - Dim Sum

Hello guys. Been a while since i last wrote about food reviews so here i am today! You probably would know that this restaurant is closing down soon (early next year?) because ... its closing down that is. Ok i'm not really sure what the exact reason is, but i think its because the owners/shareholders are old and wish to retire. 

Regardless, this remains to be one of my mum's favorite dim sum restaurant to dine in so we went there the other day when my mum had a sudden craving for it. I wonder if it's because i'm getting old, or because i had been spending lots of time with my family (i'm a very "home" person as compared to being an "outdoors" person).

Sorry if some of the picture quality is bad!

Simply love the shrimp "chee chong fan" (am i right?) 
The xiao long bao was ok - kinda too cold to my liking. Not sure if it's because of the strong air con or what. 
The Ha-kau was so-so, but i love shrimps so have to order. Haha!

This is love <3 Its called the Fried prawn roll with manga (i think) and its super nice! We ordered once and we are stuck with this dish ever since - we have to order it for every visit

Siew Mai not bad

Don't really like carrot cake personally so not much comment on this

Ordered this under recommendation and its damn good also! Its called fried beancurd roll with shrimp (shrimps again hahahaha) and the taste blended really well. 

The noodle. I ate 4 bowls. Enough said. Its apparently their signature dish as well according to my dad, and its only $12 if i did not remember incorrectly.

I took the liberty of snipping off the menu from their official website in case some of you wish to make direct reference to the menu.

All in all, my family and myself loves this restaurant as its pretty cosy and convenient since we live at the west area. We had also went there for birthday and family gatherings on a few occasions! #loyal

Really hope that this place would stay and some company would buy over the restaurant and reign it PROPERLY and not change it to another of those overly-commercialized chain restaurants in SG. Its hard to find a restaurant that simply serves fuss free, quality and good food in SG these days. 

Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road
#02-337Singapore 600135

Telephone: 6563 6643
Opening Hours: 
Daily 1130 - 1430
Daily 1600  - 2230


  1. next time try the pork rib with plum sauce. i know pork rib has been a staple in every dimsum places, but what made it special is that 'plum sauce' where the last i ever had was only in hongkong. i've been to both cheapest and most expensive dimsum places all over singapore, but only boon lay raja has this dish which i especially go for.

    1. hahaha ok! thanks for the heads up, I would be sure to order that dish the next time I go :)