Friday, November 14

Happy Mookata @ Golden Mile

Happy Mookata

Wanted to try mookata for a while now, especially when there seems to be a hype going on with regards to this particular cuisine with the other bloggers (trend follower much? haha).

Anyway, decided to give it a go and went over to Happy Mookata for this meal! Ordered their set which was $20-$30 if i'm not wrong - can't really rmb, but it comes in a set and can be shared with regardless of how many people. So if you are a big eater, perhaps you need 1 set all by yourself. But if you are a small eater, perhaps three of you can order 1 set.

So i think it really depends on your appetite that day. SJ and i ordered a set to share and asked for additional rice. The bill came up to less than $20 per person, but it was a tad ago so i can't really rmb.

Nevertheless, it was good even though i didn't really like the crowd over at the restaurant. There was this table of really rude men with either SG girls or Thai girls sitting behind us and the man refused to budge even though he knew that i had too little of a space to settle into my seat. He could simply scoot over a little. I gave him the death glare, and his girl as well because she should had asked him to move in (she definitely saw me)

The space was really constraint too for the seats in the store so yes, i don't think i'm willing to travel so far via bus just for this. But it was a good change from our usual fares of Japanese cuisine!

Opening hours: 6pm to 3am daily
Happy Mookata: Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road #01-55D, Singapore 199589 

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