Thursday, November 27

Cosplay Photoshoot - Magi

Had Magi photoshoot last Saturday over at Chinese Garden with all my teammates! It had been a while since i last cosplayed again, and despite saying that i am gonna quit and leave for good, i felt that i had to finish the obligations and promises i made to some of my friends.  But then again, i think that it is not necessary for my to explain to anyone or to justify for my actions at all

I cosplay when i want to, and i don't when i don't feel like it.

Perhaps its just an excuse for myself to continue doing whatever i want, but then again, its a hobby isn't it? And aren't hobbies meant to be enjoyed? So yeah, exactly. 

Regardless, i have not received the formal pictures from the shoot yet, but Farid and Data are awesome phtgs <3 They managed to capture some really good shots and its amazinggg <3 

Sometimes i can't help but miss those times whereby having fun is all it matters with everyone. But as time passes and you cosplay for a longer time, more and more shit starts to happen and you realize that in every community, there are political things that are unsaid and unknown to the public.

As of now, gonna be looking forward to AFA and start to focus on what's out there after graduation. 

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