Saturday, November 1

Hello November

I just felt the need to find a pretteh picture and address the fact that November is here already! October definitely passed by in a blink of an eye even though it slowed down at the exams period because i just wanted the entire exams week to end!

Watched "The Originals" episode 04 today after an afternoon of studying and i can't wait for episode 05 to be out! Nina Debrov would be guest starring so that's something to be hwaiting for :D and not mentioning the fact that exams would kinda be over after next saturday!

Next week is definitely the busiest week i would have for these few months ;  3 papers and MUN selection camp to prepare for - fingers cross i would stay sane after all of that.

Not forgetting, lots of new stuffs coming along the way including something personal which SJ and i am trying to make it happen in a magical way (not married lol).

I'll come back again real soon to talk about all these, but in the meantime,

I'm looking forward to November :)

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