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Sample Store - Black Paint

Hello guys! Back with the review on Black Paint skincare products which was kindly sponsored by Sample Store and Black Paint itself :)

These are the products which came together in a box which Black Paint packaged beautifully for us! 

Some background story of the brand, 

BLACK PAINT® is an organic skincare brand which was established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Miyuki Maeda. By Combining ancient wisdom of beauty secrets, modern bacteriology and contemporary natural & organic lifestyle, Miyuki has successfully found the formula to solve skin problems rooting from skin pores by leveraging on the power of nature.

I started to care a lot for my skincare since i started by adulthood (in a sense) this year because i didn't want to regret it when i grew older and only start taking care of my body then. Just imagine - a car needs to be scraped after 10 years, and even though 21 years old is still a young age for humans, can you imagine that your skin had already went through 21 years of bacteria attack and all? 

It kinda scares me to know that if nothing bad happens, this layer of skin is gonna be with me for the next 40 years or so, if i die at 60 years old (hopefully not LOL! I wanna be ahma one)

So when i heard about this product, i was definitely skeptical. I didn't want to just accept any sponsored products just because its sponsored. Skincare is a sensitive area! But do you know that the Black Paint skincare products has won not only 1, but 6 gold medals of the Monde Selection Award (a globally-renowned award run by International Institute for Quality Selections, Belgium that evaluates quality of each product and grant them quality label) for 6 consecutive years since 2009 under the category of Cosmetics & Toiletries?

That really assured me because it is internationally recognized and the fact that millions of Black Paint were sold out in Japan says something about the brand - it works!

The entire set came with the Black Paint Soap, which removes oil and dirt without stripping away skin's essential moisture, leaving skin feeling fresh and silky smooth

The Black Konjac sponge which is conjured from natural konjac fibre to assist the pull of partially comedones from your pores gently, giving your skin a radiant and smooth surface

The Best Water toner, which nourishes and hydrates with 30 minerals that penetrates deeply to restore the skin's barrier and prevent moisture loss from within

The Oil Water rose lotion which has a dual layer emulsion that soothes and softens with vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories

The Water Cream moisturizer which promotes moisture retention and builds resistance to environmental pollutants.

Black Paint understands that the first step to taking care of your skin is to take care of your pores. I have really bad pores problems since young (no joke) and i have really really big and visible pores if you look at my cheeks and nose area very closely. 

Hence, i always buy products and masks which hydrates my skin and does deep cleansing masks every now and then. Lucky or what that Black paint understood my concern and came up with this range of products to help people who suffers from the same problem as me! 

But you know how its also bad to put so much chemicals on your face (not mentioning the amount of make-up i layer on my face on a daily basis already)? But fret not, because as an organic skincare brand that is established in Kyoto, Japan 15 years ago, Black Paint products are made from natural and organic materials which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essential oils and Kishu Binchotan Charcoal!

SOOOO, after talking so much about this, how do you use this?

STEP 01A: Wash your face with the Black Paint soap
It can be used on dry skin, and even over make up as a make-up remover! But personally i still remove my make up before using this because i want to make sure that i clean my face throughout. 

STEP 01B: Clean/scrub your face gently with the Black Konjac sponge

STEP 02: Use 3-5 pumps of the Best Water toner on the skin. Gently pat for better absorption

Step 03: Shake well before use. Then apply 3-5 pumps volume of the product onto skin. Repeat for 2 to 3 times.

Step 04: Take a pearl sized amount and spread onto face. The cream will transform into water droplets upon application. Wait until your face dries before applying makeup. 

4 Easy Steps for better skin and a prettier you! 

I tried the products for a consecutive of 2 weeks already and i really do see better results in my skin! Not that it is like some kind of magical pill that makes all my pores disappear haha, but my skin feels smoother and nicer to touch!

Along with this product, these are some of the things that i did as well

- lesser make up (only sunscreen and eyes makeup on dress down days)
- deep pore cleansing mask and hydrating masks twice weekly
- consistent application, and that is day and night application

and here is a before and after picture of my skin right now! I have make up on for both but for the second one, it was lesser application! To you, maybe you can't tell the difference and think that i'm saying all these because i'm sponsored, but really, it did work for me. 

*Do note that breakout is common for many ladies (i did too 1 week into using the product but it heal in about 3 days) so don't worry about it if you develop breakout as well! The breakout is like a few pimples here and then so it is actually not as bad as you think.



If you want to try these products for yourself to see if it really works, you can now! Black Paint is conducting an exclusive contest for my readers (or anyone who stumbled here and read till the end, thank you)! 

Stand a chance to win a trial set worth S$120 by clicking on the picture below! More instructions would be given so just click on the picture. Just join lah, anyway also free one right! Nothing to lose, and if ya'll lucky, you might even win the trial set!!

Likewise, if anyone are interested to learn more or wish to purchase the products, head over to 

Takashimay Basement Level 1, Isetan (West Gate), Basement Level 2!

Or head over to the official website over HERE to purchase the products at the ease of your home/office.

All the best for the lucky draw, and thanks for reading! :)

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