Monday, October 13

Escape Room and BBQ with MUN friends

Good news - I'm going to either Boston for HNMUN or Seoul for WORLDMUN next year! 8D I'm super excited about this because it was only confirmed a few days ago by our program advisor/coordinator that he managed to fight with SIM about having all of us there instead of sending only 18 people over and eliminating 2 people off! I can't really imagine having to say goodbye to two other people and not seeing them going together with us? It would be so sad lah.

But anyways! A bonding session the other day with all of 'em :D

We took the war room, and its super hard mygod. I think i'm probably the least helpful inside because i didn't do much at all to help solve any riddles or problems at all hahaha! I think everyone in the club (3 rooms in total) didn't pass soooo, BUT. 

For the sake of picture, just take the WINNER IN THE HOUSE 

BBQ session with everyone over at Dr Felix's house, and he brought his dogs down! 
So cute and fluffy!! <3 

Tomorrow is my last project deadline for this sem - be gone you evil spirit! But really hope that i can do better this semester because its kinda like my last year and i just wanna do well like you know, well in school and all. 

Joining the MUN training is probably the best decision i had made during my RMIT life. Meeting all these people, going on a BONDING outing for the first time (with an agenda for the whole day) and simply just having fun and laughing with friends might seem so little to you, but it meant a lot to me. Coming to RMIT wasn't exactly an instantaneous 'university life' that you see happening to all your friends on instagram. 

It was hard because i don't really like to mix with people and i certainly am not a camp person AT ALL. I friggin hate camps. So just imagine how little friends i would make, and even project mates are most probably hi-bye friends or better, meet up every now and then.

I wanted something concrete like friends that you actually would and will make plans with outside of school time and have fun together (did i mention clubbing with a huge group of people on my bucket list?)

Thanks guys for making my last year (i hope, because i don't wanna fail any modules) such an enjoyable trip. Cant wait for Boston or Seoul!! 


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