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Sample Store - Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

I'M SORRY FOR THE SUPER UNGLAM PICTURE ... But thats me when i was secondary 2 LOL. I started experimenting with make up when i was in secondary school, or maybe nearing to secondary 4 when i started to join the cosplay community and continuously lament on the fact that i do not know how to make up. 

I started to read magazines, watch youtube videos and ask around on what products to use, their functions and the right way to apply it. So yeah, i basically started to torment my skin with make up stuffs (which i got more serious on when i was around 18 years old) since my teens. 

My pores started to become larger (dafuq), and my skin started to become uneven (more wtf). My mum always told me that in order to look good, i have to have a good base to draw on. Its basically like a piece of canvas - you can't expect to look good with a bad and tattered one. 

& that is what i am introducing to you girls today, 

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

I had used Biore products in the past because of its constant good reviews online and offline, and tried their jelly makeup remover when it was out on the market. However, i didn't like it. I don't like how 'jelly' it made my skin felt because i want to feel 'refreshed' and 'hydrated' after i remove my makeup, not another layer of 'jelly-ness' on it. 

So when Samplestore sent me this to review on, i was kinda apprehensive about it. I didn't want to write good things about a product which i don't use because really, what's the point of recommending something which doesn't work, just for the sake of a free said product (which i don't like)?

I still decided to give it a shot too because according to Biore, it is a water-based makeup remover and i am a HUGE fan of water-based makeup remover because the one i am using right now is one and it works well for me. Pretty excited to give it a shot after my mum's birthday celebration the other day, so let's do it. 

Biore apparently inculcated Natural Mineral Water from Northern Japanese Alps, and this is also enriched with collagen and white tea extract. Other than that, it make use of Watery Micellar Technology and has an Anti-Bacterial Formula. I am not sure if it works as good as it sounds, so the best way is to USE IT.

Direction on how to use it:

Step 1: Pump about 1-2 times on your cotton pad

Step 2: Begin to eradicate all makeup traces on your face 
(Hold on for 5 seconds over your eyes for eye makeup)

Step 3: Feel refreshed and repeat step 1 and 2 if necessary

I used 3 for half of my face and another 2 for another half of my face because i wanted to do a comparison but i do look hideous without makeup on (its all effectively wiped off, yeap) so i'm gonna skip that LOL. I used about 3-4 pads when i removed my makeup the second time, which is probably the average number of cotton pads used i guess since i'm using around 3-4 pads for my current brand as well. 


I have to say that even though the Jelly makeup remover formula wasn't to my liking, i really love this one. It felt very lightweight - just like water, and it doesn't feel in any way sticky or smells like chemicals (the smell when you walk into a dental clinic?) which would be a huge turn-off, and well. 


You don't have to rinse off as well, though i personally like to do that since i would be washing my face afterwards as well. But yeah, it really feels good! I'm actually thinking of buying it when this runs out - & coming from a brand loyal person, that's something. 

Ta-daa! Naked face LOL. Feels really clean to be without makeup clogging my pores sometimes, but being born not-pretty means i have to use makeup to kinda make myself look better, which in turn makes me feel happy and confident.

If you are looking for trials, do visit samplestore.com for free samples. If not, you can purchase the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water over at all pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, as well as major departmental stores!

I hope this helps some readers out there looking for a review on this product!
Till then :)

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