Tuesday, September 30


Headed over to IKEA the other day because i needed a new cupboard to replace my old one which came attached with my bed. (which i changed to a queen size bed - yay!)

Usual fare of good food with SJ over at IKEA. Their salmon is super super super <3 , and their meatballs too! Typical Sgporeans but its good lah ok.

Saw this really hotdog stand outside of IKEA which i always used to buy from when i was young! Traveling to IKEA really brought back so much childhood memories for me (used to hate that place because its so friggin boring - still is now because i dont like to window-shop for furniture) and i used to play at that kiddo playground outside of IKEA at level 2!

Thank you SJ for going along with me to IKEA! 
Love you to the moon and back haha

Our $1 ice cream and our $1 hotdog - both taste very nice leh! 


Both looking super shag because its so bloody hard to fix everything together when you dont have the right type of tools. Plus the working space was kinda too small and i had to clean up the entire area with loose wood pieces and urghhhh, so irritating!

Really short entry, but gonna post up my 21st celebration post soon! Really simple one, but i spent it with all my love ones and thats good enough for me :) 

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