Thursday, October 2

21st Birthday Celebration!

So, i celebrated my 21st birthday last weekend and it was really simple because:

1. Seeing so many people having birthday parties made me think that it was getting a little too 'mainstream' and i wanted mine to be a little different, though i'm really just too 

2. Poor, especially since i would be travelling at the end of the year to BKK! (shoppinggggg)

3. I have friends who are from different areas in my life (Secondary school, poly, cosplay, internship, university etc etc) and within those categories, there are sub-categories. So to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves, i really have to run around and talk to everyone. & i'm just too friggin lousy as a host to make that happen LOL.

So a simple celebration it is!

Thank you to every single one of you who wished my happy birthday online/offline, and especially to those who gifted me with presents and even took the liberty to celebrate this birthday with me! 

Thank you so much :)

I'll make this entry different from my usual chirpy ones, and let the visuals takeover :)

Thank you SJ, Deborah and Kwanter for the lovely watch as a present :)

Salt Grill and Bar - Afternoon Tea

Smoothie King - Cineleisure (waiting for dinner time)

Hooters @ Clarke Quay - Dinner

Universial Studio Singapore w/family on 28th Sep

Present (LE KEY) from parents! :D

Thank you girls for the bag, Shidah for the nail polish and you three for the watch! <3

Xinni and Yingting actually came over to surprise me early in the morning. 

Haha, love all of you <3

Video of me being super shocked and cui here if you wanna watch

Would still be meeting up with some friends for catch-up over dinz and all. Even though there had been a few hiccups here and there, just super glad that i'm finally 21years old! :)

Thanks for reading <3 
Love y'all lotsa xoxo

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