Tuesday, August 12

Strictly Pancakes mini saga & East Coast Park

So i said that we were going to do something much more special and interesting the following weekend after my last blog post, so there we go!

We went to East Coast Park. 
It has been really, really, REALLY long since we last wanted to go over to ECP. 

So we took MRT all the way down to Tanah Merah and we took a bus there. & then we got lost, and that would explain how we had Strictly Pancakes before our "outing". On a random side note, SJ and i have this little thing with Strictly Pancakes. So if you were (bored enough) to browse through my archives, you would see that we did visit the place once last year and i was so excited to bring SJ there because i really liked the pancakes there! So i told him like, omg do you know how to order? You have to this, and this and this is nice and he was all, woah thats cool. So how do we order? & so on.


LOL wtfuck. I mean, ok i did stalked the ex girlfriend's blog last year to see what they did when they were together, and i just can's stop myself from looking. BUT ITS A BLOG, ITS ON THE INTERNET SO yeah, its there for a reason right. If you don't wanna people to read, then just private it??? 

But i didn't go there for a very long time because the ex girlfriend wanna me to "stay out of her blog" and i'm too prideful to go and stalk anymore so i don't know anything anymore so yeah. Anyway its in the past so yeapz.

So, back to the story. I read it and went like omg wtf this SJ stupid boy, lie to me! So i went to ask him and went like


He was very shocked and surprised LOL. I mean, he probably didn't expect the ex girlfriend to post about it, and me to read it so he sheepishly explained that it was because he didn't want to ruin my excitement in thinking that it was his first time going to the place and it's with me.

Ok lah, acceptable answer. He always knows what to say. <.<

So yeap, mini appetizer story to share with you before i post the pictures. & if you were to think like "waa this girl very sampat go and stalk". Yeah lah, stalk lah. Cannot ah. If its you, you also confirm stalk, don't fake with me hor.

But i admit i very sampat, its ok.

On to Strictly Pancakes!

My DIY pancake! Added Turkey Ham, scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms. Their mushrooms are really good, but the ham was so-so. Came up to $13, + $2.50 for each side dish and it was $5.50 for two stacks of pancakes!

SJ ordered the Porky Pancake ($13) as well, and it was pretty good! The eggs look so niceeeeee. The pancakes was so-so though, cause the chicken wasn't very nice. To me at least.

We went to the branch over at Siglap, and the male waiters were really good with their service! All smiley faces and such, so made both of us very happy and cheerful to start the day as well!

The wind was really strong and the sun was so bright! Rented two bicycles at $26 for 3 hours. 


This guy literally pushed me to cycle from ECP to Changi Village and my legs were really breaking. Its the first time i can feel my legs breaking from cycling ToT 
His sgt. mentality is out. LOL my god.

Stopped by the hawker centre to have coconut drink! Super nice hehe. 
Please forgive my gummy smile, i really hate it. Urgh.

Fell down because some guy didn't want to siam and went into my lane even when i already honked the bell at him =.= I was so shocked that i started to tear (like a noob) because i was so tired already and this shit haz to happen. FML.

But its a happy day after all! So i'm gonna banish the negative thoughts from my mind and focus on the happy stuffs that happened.

Left the park at around 5pm and took the bus to head over to Bedok. Took the chance (and sunlight by the window) to #selfie because i just bought a new lipstick from 3CE! Thank you Yuen Yee for helping me to get these goodies from Seoul! Absolutely beautiful.

I bought their lipstick #16 Giddy Up and their undereye flash pen for $37.40 in total. Pretty ok, considering that the lipstick really stuck on my lips for a long time, even when i tried to remove it with my makeup remover.

It's quite bright in real life and i was a little taken aback when i first see myself in the mirror. But you just have to get used to trying on different shades of lipstick because YOLO.

SJ napping on the bus because he was down with flu and got really tired. So i just ownself snap myself lor. HAHAHA. Vain much

In the end, we went to L4D2 at LAN shop and headed home afterwards. Super lepak day but smelt bad because i was *drenched* in sweat from all the cycling earlier on. 

But glad that we finally went to ECP! Its like OMG #achievementunlocked LOL. Finally can cross ECP off our list of places to go to as a couple hahaha

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