Wednesday, August 13

Its Midweek!

Hi guys! Its midweek already and August is gonna be zooming past before our eyes really soon. SJ and i had been working on a project lately, or more of like a business thingy that we really want to launch it successfully, so we'll see how it goes!

School's so far so good, but having a lecture at 830am today is really, really tiring. I still have gotta pop over for tuition later during evening time, and i will probably only be back home at around 8pm. So tired. Glad that i only have three days of school each week.

2 assignments gonna be due soon, so i have gotta start cracking. & today is the day whereby i would know if i got into the UN conference which i applied to via my school and i'm really excited! In case anyway is interested, its WorldMUN to be held in Seoul and HMUN to be held in Boston. SIM haz two rounds for applicants, namely a written assessment and a 10-minute individual presentation, both relating to international relations and diplomacy. I, with a stroke of luck, managed to pass round 1 and just had my presentation last Monday. I talked about the gas conflict in Ukraine right now, and i'm probably an expert on the topic now. Ok, maybe not expert, maybe just like advanced or higher than average when it comes to the information and facts related to this issue. 

Really grateful to SJ for burning his Sunday with me to help me in preparing the slides and presentation. I love you so much, and would always be awed with how much you know about current affairs and general knowledge which i probably would not know of until you explain it to me.

So last Sunday was really chill (the way i would do it if i lived together with SJ because i am so lazy to head out every weekend sometimes), and i invited him to a dinner not much would have the chance/willing to go to!

The Annual Ghost Month Dinner

Its a dinner whereby you would have a platform to auction and guests to bid for the items (example alcohol, rice and decorative items which symbolizes luck, fortune and wealth). 

It's also like an occasion for guests to pray for good health and luck, as well as to gather and have dinner with their family members and friends!

I think it's my 2nd or 3rd year coming to this dinner already. Wanted to ask SJ over last year but he had work so he couldn't make it. Glad that we both had time for the dinner this year since he was pretty intrigued with everything. His first time lah.


I got lazy at the end and forgo the prawns, buns and ice cream LOL. But the food all not bad de lahh.

Mini entry for midweek, would be back with more posts! 

On the other hand, i had been watching 

and its super entertaining. 

Ok, gotta start on my assignments.

Till then, xoxo

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