Tuesday, August 5

Spuds and Aprons and Llao Llao Yogurt

Some pictures from last Sunday! Another lepak day playing L4D2 and walking around town. It's getting so incredibly boring to go town every weekend doing absolutely nothing and just walking around. Planning to go east coast park this weekend to cycle and do something outta our normal plans.

Still figuring why my camera doesn't focus too well when we put it on timer mode. So friggin irritating.


Last Sunday was an outing for all the cousins who falls under my age group (14 - 28 ,, i think) for a lunch gathering over at Spuds and Aprons, Mount Faber. The place is really pretteh, like the scene and all. Not too sure why i never explore Mount Faber before, but probably because i'm too lazy to go hill climbing. LOL. But anyways, the place is really cool and the scene is to die for. 

Had the chicken drumstick and its not bad lah! But i only ate the drumstick because i was too full from the appetizers and side dishes, and also i'm not a fan of breast-like meat 8'D

Mountain of Happiness ice creammmm. Really gooey at the end, but i like the mocha flavor and the choco chips embedded inside this bowl of goodness. Melts way too fast though, urgh.

All the cousins and some of them brought their partners! I too shy to bring SJ LOL. Should had brought him, he would had love the view.

Free cable car with courtesy of Bernard! When was my last cable car ride? I'm guessing at least a good 10 years ago LOL. I mean, maybe more than that. Its $29 leh, siao so expensive. 
Thanks Bernard for the free ride!!!

Went to my aunt's house to discuss the wedding details of Lois, who's gonna have her wedding dinner in SG even though she was married back in Las Vegas. Getting married at Las Vegas sia, damn cool. Next time i also wanna get married at some other country and take chio pictures hehehe.

Sijun came over and he was probably overwhelmed by the number of cousins i have haha. Cause he only have like two cousins from the mum's side and a few over at Malaysia? 

The number of cousins i have totaled in this picture, and its only like 70% of the entire family. 
Can't help buy say that 大家真的太会生了。/o/

Went to somerset and spotted this yougurt which i heard is super delicious so just queue only. The queue was very long though.

So whilst queuing, take pictures lo! & SJ bought a new shirt, which i really like! At first when i saw the shirt, i thought like "walau so ah beng. Like some little kiddo wanna be ah beng, SJ wear liao cfm also look like that. Don't want, not nice"

But he wanted to try so i ok, let you try. Later i say not nice you also wont buy, HAHAHAH


Hahahha wtheck. He doesn't look very ahbeng when he wears the shirt haha. 
Surprise surprise. /o/

The very nice yogurt, which is really very nice. HAHAHA
Chose the wildberry sauce based on recommendations, but we feel that it kinda overtook the taste of the yogurt. Gonna give the choco sauce a go next time, as well as their smoothie. Hohohoho. 

Also went to tried Noodle Place at somerset @ 313 which is completely not worth the hype and the money. Not gonna go to that restaurant again, my house downstair wanton mee nicer sia. =.=

Ok, gonna go to more exciting places during the weekend so that i can have more exciting pictures to post yeah. Till then guys!!~

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