Wednesday, July 30

Why people should stop using articles to justify for themselves.

I am having a fucking PMS day because i had been eating so much and i feel so fat, which leads to bad mood and seeing dumb stuffs on my facebook TL makes me wanna write about this. You may feel offended so you might want to be warned before you read, and not leave retarded comments when i have already told warn you beforehand.

So there's the trend of websites like Huffington Post, Thought Catalogue and so on. There's tons of articles being shared around which goes from 

10 ways you know that your boyfriend loves you
5 ways that you know you are dating a man worth marrying
20 truths about women who are low maintenance
8 ways to make yourself happier.
The reason why you can't let go of the man you love

Everyone is sharing these articles around facebook, almost like they are attempting to justify for their relationships, their status, their emotions or even their behaviors with these articles written by someone whom you probably never met, and would never meet.

Most of the time, i am okay with people who shares random articles because its harmless and if it makes them feels better, having someone on their side and eventually finding a logical article with tons of reasons and logical explanation for their behaviors, why not. Some of these essays are empowering and opens up your mind towards many issues, and can even push you to make decisions which you are deterred from because there was nothing to enforce the idea behind your actions before.


I really get pissed off when people starts sharing those which clearly seeks to put themselves on a higher position than the rest. 

For instance, i saw this article shared by a girl about 20 Freeing truths of being a low maintenance girl , and later on comment with the caption on why she agree with the points in the article with being a low maintenance girl. An article like this was probably written to let girls know that there is nothing wrong to be someone who doesn't hanker after branded clothes or having million of clothes in your wardrobe, or to put on tons of make up on your face, and how its ok if you don't like to shop.


Don't you feel that you are already creating a false frame of reference because you practically just up valued yourself by stepping on others who are not you, who actually care about how their hair look and would religiously go for manicures just so they have nice nails.

& the worst thing is that because you are a female, you have possibly just confirmed how guys feels about girls because hey, even a girl thinks so of her own kind! It's sad to read such things because it encompasses so much desire to show that you are different and hence, up-valuing yourself in the process because hell yeah, i am different.

Just turn the entire situation around and think of this - an article which says 10 reasons why girls who cares about their looks would succeed in life , followed by an article from Forbes which says that yeap, you do get judged by your looks - like it or not. 

It is absolutely stupid and ridiculous to put down the majority just because you are in the minority and that makes you special. You are on the minority of the crowd but that does not make you any special - it only puts you on the other side of the fence. So stop misleading others into thinking that to actually care about your hair, to actually shop for hours in a store to try and find that perfect clothing item and having tons and tons of clothes in your wardrobe is something one should feel gross about. 

Maybe this entry would prove to be more effective if i am from the minority, but the truth is - i am not. I shop, i make up and i care for my hair. I have face products which i slap on my face now and then, and i take 30 minutes to prepare (if i know what to wear). 

But that doesn't make me any lesser different or lower in status compared to girls who are "special enough" and don't do all these. 

It's how i would like to be viewed on the streets, and as shallow as it may sound, yes it does empower me to know that if i were to meet someone important right then, i would feel good enough to meet then straight away. 

On a side note, its really irritating to have people who try and change your mindset about how looks aren't everything and you need to be comfortable in your own skin. It is none of your concern whether i am fucking comfortable or not comfortable under a layer of make up or not, as long as i am happy.

Grueling to actually feel bad about being uncomfortable in your own skin because society says so, because the media says so - because you have got to be comfortable in your own skin to receive the nod of approval from brands like Dove. 


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