Wednesday, August 27

D'good cafe, Ding Tai Fung and updates amidst this crey week

This week had been so crazy! I have never looked forward to Wednesdays so much - submitted 3 deadlines today and i'm super glad that its over. Other than the class test this coming Friday, reading up on the UN conference, as well as the GM project submission on Friday as well, AND ALSO my cousin's wedding dinner this coming Friday (& no dress yet!), the weekends would be a huge relief of rest for me. 

Its really crazy to think that i blocked out my weekends entirely and procrastinated everything till this week. No more procrastination - the consequences are too much to take. Nevertheless, glad that at least one assignment is down and im left with (a lot more) but that's for other days to worry.

Ok ok, so i have some pictures in my computer and i can't wait to sort them into their respective folders after i'm done blogging about them. & to delete all the food pictures in my computer - yes i don't keep food pictures. I see no point in keeping pictures of something yummy and i can't eat it! LOL

Joey's farewell dinner

Went to Kiseki for Junli's farewell dinner because she's going to Taiwan for a study exchange till next year! Eeveryone is leavinggggg, so sad! :( But everyone is still gonna come back to SG at the end of the day so that's not too bad lah! HAHA

Ok so when we were getting our desserts, we saw this super funny episode happening. There's this girl, about 10 years old, holding a plate and eating fruits from it. So nothing wrong right, until the waitress told her that it's against the rules to take the ENTIRE FRUITS PLATTER PLATE and walk around with it and eat. 

HAHAHA WTF, SERIOUSLY LAH. & the girl was from china. I mean, its damn friggin funny, and nationality aside, isn't it common sense to NOT do something like this at a buffet?!

So Xinni and I tried to stifle our laughters and went back to our table quickly. 


Went to camwhore because that's what girls do lah, no choice. 

Been friends with this bunch of awesome people for so long, and really thankful that i met them in secondary school and the school rejected my request to take Biology for 'O' Level (THANKS LOUSY SCIENCE MARKS) because without you, i would probably be hanging around with a different group of people but they are like the best so im gonna go for them still.

Sent Junli off the next day over at Terminal 2. COME HERE THRICE, ALWAYS TO SEND PEOPLE OFF. WAA SIBEH SIAN. WHEN IS IT MY TURN? <.<

I actually reached earlier than the girl flying off lah, hahaha. She reached damn late mygod, so in the end we only talked for a while and had to rush for the last train already. But super glad that she's enjoying her (secret) life now 8Db

D'Good cafe with Yizhen & Cherlyn

As usual, cafe food aren't good in filling your stomach when you are feeling hungry. 

Their new york cheesecake is super huge though LOL. Coming from someone who loves cheesecake, i would say that its value for money since its around $8.90 nett price? Not as nice as Lady M's but not bad.

Teammates with them for last semester and i still remembered i went to their group and ask them to take me in HAHA. 

Was talking about driving lesson and apparently they are VERY SHOCKED that someone can fail their BTT twice (yes me).

& learning to drive is really expensive :( Contemplating about actually getting a legit license now, but the convenience .... URGH SO CONFLICTING.

Ding Tai Fung dinner

The bill came up to about $60++ , not bad lah! :D Love their fried rice super much, and new found love for their dumplings! Hehhhehe. Not a fanatic for xiao long baos so not much comment on that!

I think that's enough updates for a post, gonna keep the remaining one for another day :)
Thanks for reading! <3

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