Wednesday, August 27

Seoul Kitchen & Randomizing around Orchard

Went to Seoul Kitchen over at Bugis last week for Korean Hotpot because the weather had been crazy and i crave some warm food in my belly.

Free flow of side dishes like Kimchi and so on , 

Le Happy boy with his food :>

It cost us around $60 for the set and its totally not worth at all lor! The maggie mee inside the hotpot couldn't suffice me at all, and the meat amount not very generous lah. <.< I could have ate better food with that amount of money please.

But they have this locket thingy which is somewhat cuter and we can write down our wishes and lock them up! Quite cute hahha, probably the only interesting factor of the restaurant.

Maybe the other food would be nicer, but i would not really recommend this hotpot promotion set if you are looking for a value-for-money dinner over at Bugis.

We went to Ngee Ann and found this really cute exhibition outside the mall and we played around the exhibits for a while haha. 

I think its like super cool and really interesting! Even though i have very little 'art-sy' vibes in me, i still like to act like i know a bit and immerse myself in the artsy world and play pretend like i'm very artistic. But im apparently not so ... there's a reason why i can only draw stickman lol.

Hi welcome to my room, this is my humble bed (thinking of how many have laid on that bed kinda made me shiver, but in the name of good fun), and welcome to my super cute room. 

Sijun act yi ge artistic also. 

Oh nothing, just taking a selfie outside of my house's toilet, with my toiletbowl pal.

HAHA, but hey how cool is this man?! I'm really impressed with how the people expressed their ideas and concepts and garnered them into actualization! Super cool and amazing!

& then i found this platform in the middle of nowhere and wanted to take a OOTD but it would be so weird standing up so high?! So i tried one of those "leisurely sitting down and look, someone snapping a picture of me. Oh so shy".

Apparently it didnt and my legs look so friggin awkward blergh. Since this is one of the better photo quality pictures, i posted this up. Don't waste hahahaha. 

Taking pictures also must so cheapskate ah. #itsmejunko


I've been really overwhelmed by schoolwork these days, especially when i have three deadlines on the same day, a class test two days later and a dress to find and buy for a wedding on the same exact day. Other than that, i had been juggling between school and tuition work, as well as some online things that i would be really excited to share with all of yall soon! Its like something SJ and me are doing, so i really really really hope it would take shape and take flight. #fingerscrossed

Other than that, i met some problems in my personal life but i'm not gonna talk about it here since it's gonna be fodders for people to gossip on during gatherings and meet-ups. I have since decided that things would just "go as it is meant to" and the amount of stuffs kinda make me have no time to think about it immediately after the clash and damage. So now that i think about it, i'm very much less affected by it. 

Been reading some International Relations articles and came across this 

The Hamburger Argument in early 1970s.

" By launching a campaign against eating hamburger and failing to look at the complexity of the causal chain that would relate their well-intended act to its consequences, the students failed."

Basically, this is about how a group of students decided not to eat beef = more food for poor people. But it just resulted in drop for food prices because demand is lesser and the farmers produced lesser. There is no direct benefit for the poorer countries because the food was just a surplus in America. 

Don't you think this relate to the ALS challenge that has been going viral these days? I don't think its stupid to be honest - i feel that it actually DOES help because it serves to spread awareness internationally and people actually KNOW about this and that is the first step to actually helping these people.

You can't really judge someone for their well intended actions, and how they wish to go about doing it, and it's almost impossible to be very very sure on the intention of an individual with how she/he wants to promote the awareness.

But this?


You think about it. I don't want to be sued for being "judgmental" and "cyber-bullying" so i hush up and you can formulate your own opinions. 

Ta-daa, till next time! :D

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