Monday, September 1

BBQ spotlight - Coco

Went over to my aunt's house over the weekend to have a BBQ session! I like visiting her house because its big and spacious and because Coco is there (COCO LE DOGGY)

Wore a very unflattering shirt that makes me look pregnant much. I got it from cotton on and now i hasn't think of a bottom to pair it with. Time to start ransacking my wardrobe (all the time) again.

Brought Sijun along (he's always with me now for family gatherings and all, i wonder how i'm gonna explain to my family if we break up LOL) 

Which brings me to the next point - how can girls commit themselves into so many relationships when there's a different guy showing up at your door/instagram/facebook/blog every now and then? I mean, it's something i would probz never understand cuz when i commit myself into a relationship, i kinda wanna it to last all the way to marriage because anything lesser than that would be a complete waste of time. That's kinda like flings and you don't bring flings to meet your family - and by that i mean ahma ahgong uncle aunt cousins niece blah blah blah LOL

Anyway! HAHAH, Coco silly girl. Super greedy with treats and super happy when she sees me!!! <3 She only wags her tail at me and come to me when i ask her to, so cute right <3 Super love her, makes me feel so privileged hahaha!

Sijun trying to win over her trust with foooddddd.

SJ: Coco, mum-mum. 

Coco: *smell smell*
Sijun would then attempt to make her sit down by pushing her butt, and she would ,,,

leap away in shock

look at him warily

leaps even further away

and looks at him with utter "no i don't like that"

HAHA, she so cute. Brought her out for a walk afterwards and she got super super lazy and just plopped on the floor and didn't want to get up. We had to drag her and i carried her once, all the way uphill. She's damn friggin heavy lah mygod.


But she cute <3

I know this is supposed to be a BBQ session post but all i'm posting are pictures of the dog because i didn't take any pictures of the food at all. LOL. 

Too busy gobbling all the food up. Drank beer and chatted with my aunt, mum and ahma (girls gossiping) whilst Sijun took a nap because he had an event in the morning.

I was like asking him, "eh, is it want go out with other girls? Event ah, what event. I go find you lah"
& he was like "ok, come find me lah!" but then i got lazy and decided to find him when it ends at 330, 


my mum's phone rang and i picked it up for her, and it was a LINE call from SJ. I was like huh why he call my mum and not me ah?! So apparently he decided to surprise me cuz the event ended earlier (like it was supposed to be 330 but it ended at 12) and he bought ice milo and came over to surprise me <3

This boyfriend getting better and better with surprises hahaha. Good good, never waste my efforts in giving my love /sounding like old ahma/

Ok, will be upz with pictures from my cousin's wedding dinner soon! This week is emptier since all the deadlines were last week, so i would probably have more time for a "complete-r post". On the other hand, my taobao items are coming and i feel like doing a haul video!! 

Should i should i? Ahya dont care la, i wanna do means i wanna do ok. LOL

OKKK, time for true blood and sexy eric northman. 
Thanks for reading <3

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