Wednesday, July 30

We are the furballs (WTF) cafe & the stupid DASH app

Sunday was another busy day because morning was lunch buffet with SJ and his cousins, sister and uncle since his cousins couldn't make it for his birthday lunch the other week. Sashimi buffet over at 109 Killiney Road - $40 approx and they have some good food! Didn't take any pictures because i was late (had to go over to my grandmother house to pray my ah gong beforehand) so by the time i arrived, it isn't very nice to whip out my phone and start taking pictures lah! HAHA

Wanted to go over to QiuQiu's warehouse sales which supposedly is to start from 12-6 but even though Xinni and me arranged to be there at 3pm, most of the things were gone? ... The popularity of a blogger really knows no bound. Kinda sad because i wanted to pick up some props for cosplay photoshoots in the future! :( But ohwells. I mean, they have people queuing up at 10.30am in the morning (major wtf) so i guess its true to a certain extent that the early bird gets the worm LOL. Fuck man.

Decided to go to WTF dog cafe since we are around that area with SJ and Xinni! Its located at 45 East Coast Road and is near to Katong area so if you are hungry, you can pop by there for the renowned Katong Laksa!

^ got this from another website. Click for source.

It's my first time going to a dog cafe so i wasn't really sure what to expect. So basically after you reach the cafe, you would have to pay an entrance fee of $9.50 (weekends) and have a complimentary canned drink and be able to stay for as long as you want. 

There are a total of 5-7 dogs over at the dog cafe (can't rmb the exact number) but not all of them are as active as some of them.

This is Lola and she is pretty aggressive, like if you put your hand near her, she would attempt to bite you. I feel that she is closer to the waitresses and regulars over at the cafe and is quite wary of strangers?

Slinky is damn cute<3 Super gentle and very very mild dog, but very easily frightened? Plus its not that easy to lure her over with food since yeah, she is not greedy lah.

Pui Pui damn cute! Pretty greedy, and have the 'whats up' face on most of the time but really cute right? HAHA. Quite heavy also as compared to some other dogs and yeah, like really cute!

Duchess kept coming over to be fed by us cause she knows that we have food. Damn clever right.

SJ managed to "lure" Pui pui over with food and got him to take pictures with us HAHA. He look blur here, and his snout very cute also ahahha.

& with Xinni when we were about to leave the place because we stayed for quite a while (like 1.5 hours?), yupp!

So if you were to ask me if i would come back again, i guess the answer would be nope

1. Katong is friggin far from my house and there's no nearby MRT at all - the only way is to take bus and that's rather inconvenient.

2. The petting area is friggin small, and since we went on a weekend, just imagine how little space we had and how many of the dogs were "distributed" amongst so many people. I really hate to refer these dogs machiam they like commodities but there's around 7 dogs for a good 20 people around there? I mean, we came to play with the dogs and interact with them! I think all of us spent the first 45 minutes staring at the dogs walking around and .. onto my next point,

3. People who fucking hogs on to the dogs - especially the waitresses. I know like after a day of work, you want to play with the dogs and rest and you love them to and etc etc and i really agree that they are super cute. But come on, you work there almost every day - and naturally the dogs felt safer with you so they go over to your lap and sleep on them. And ... the rest of the guests stare whilst they sleep and you just chat with another waitress and listen to your music? I know how the dogs chose to come to you and not because you force them to, but come on, cut us some slack. All we want is just to interact with the dogs and you gotta hog on them. Not only the waitresses, but also some guests. I mean in my opinion, thats pretty selfish. Give others some chance to play with the dogs too rather than having them sleep on your lap the entire day? ...

4. THE FUCKING TREAT UFO CATCHER MACHINE. Why the fuck would someone use the concept of a UFO catcher and have the guests spend $1 each time in trying to catch the fucking treats? Basically, no treats = yeah yeah, wait long long before the dogs comes to you. Xinni and me tried for it and we spent $3 on nothing. If you are trying to earn more money from that, you are an asshole because everyone who goes there are probably students with pathetic allowances. & if you are trying to control how much your dogs gets to eat the treat, why not just limit the number of treats to each group of people who goes into the petting area? 

So if you really want your money to be well spent, you gotta make sure there are no selfish people hogging the dogs, and you make sure you are good with UFO catcher. Other than that, i don't see why you have gotta go there. Frankly speaking, i would rather head over to SPCA and show some love to the abandoned dogs there who would really shower you with affections and play with you. Not saying the dogs over at this cafe are bad or not, i mean they are really cute. Its just the entire system minimized your interaction chances and looks more at maximizing profit than really providing an outlet for kids and people to interact and see how cute dogs can get and you know, like just have fun.

So yeah, nope. I will not go back to WTF cafe. 

Went over to Adrain's house for BBQ farewell gathering and the chicken wings and drumlets are so so so so good! I don't know what they use to BBQ it, but its really super good! HAHA

Thanks for the invite!
On to another topic, there are lots of bloggers who raves about the DASH app by Singtel and Citibank these days right? & you think that omg its so good and blah blah shit and all.

I am so fed up by this stupid app. So i thought that everything the bloggers says about how convenient and all is true so i didn't bring much cash out since i was lazy to withdraw money. 


I took taxi to my grandmother house and was hoping to pay by DASH but wtf, the taxi driver told me that ITS NOT APPLICABLE. So im like huh, but your taxi is SMRT right? I thought SMRT taxi do provide such services?

"Ah sorry. Only taxis with the DASH sticker provides that"


I took TWICE, one with SMRT and one with Comfort and NO SUCH SERVICES. 

So basically, i wanted to try the app out but i can't do it at all. Watsons also like that, say don't know don't know, especially at those ulu places. ALL DON'T KNOW.


Which really shows how some bloggers talks crap when they are paid and they just raved how good a product is whether they are, or not.

Probably because that's their job, but seriously, at least give a decent review on it lah. 

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