Friday, July 18

Staycation at Hotel V Bencoolen

*Pictures spammage so you have been warned*

My first staycation with the girls in Singapore! We planned for about a 3weeks - 1month for this to happen so i'm really glad everything went on as planned and scheduled :D

The room was $130 in total with GST and tax from Agoda.com , and we got the standard room (which is really small actually) but nevertheless, good enough for us! Cosy perhaps and everyone slept well still that night even though we had to squeeze 5 girls on a queen size bed. 

Xinni, Junli, Yingting and I went to the hotel beforehand to prepare the decorations and all. 

Went to Bugis+ for K session ($12 nett on weekdays) over at K Suites, which is actually pretty atas in my opinion because its quite high tech? LOL, still got a small corner with PC, and Xinni decided to name it the 'naughty corner' so whoever is naughty need to sit there.

Ok anyway nothing kinky or whatever happened, our bags were naughty so our bags sat there.

Took the girls to Gold Thai Food over at sunshine plaza to have cheap and super nice thai food! I really like this restaurant because its affordable and the waitresses are all thais so i feel the sense of "authenthic-ness"? HAHA, andddd, its just like, cheap. 

$9 each for the meal for 3 dishes, 1 soup and 5 rice + drinks! Good deal yeah. The chicken very nice, the tom yum seafood soup also damn nice. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry already.


Junli was responsible to bring Cassia over to 7-11 to buy some bottled mineral water (in the end they really bought a lot LOL) whilst the three of us went up to the hotel room to lit up the cake and prepare the surprise. So, since the lift needs to be activated with the room key, i went down to fetch them and when i open the door ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSIA! (with lit up cake)

Happy 21st birthday Cassia! We kinda know each other since secondary 2, so that's when we were 14 years old. Now, we are 21 years old, so thats a good 7 years!! 
Super long and i hope all of us will be friends forever! <3

Cassia say we cannot keep act pretty because that's a facade so we go back to how we always look like .. unglam and chor lor hahaha.

Then we changed for clubbing session later on (which involves lots of lunatic laughter, crazy dancing and high period, but everyone is happy and safe!!)

Go clubbing lo! I was feeling very high from all the picture taking session sooo yeap.

We went to CQ first because we thought that it would be a good place to jump club. Well, apparently not. Dream was not bad but there are really, really really quite a number of lesbians. I have nothing against lesbians, but it just made us feel like we stepped into the wrong club. Plus, the crowd was so bad on a Wednesday night!

Thanks for reading and i will be having another staycation this weekend so yupp! :D Its another hotel and hopefully it would have a bigger hotel room than Hotel V lol.

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