Tuesday, July 15

Photoshoot - Mayoko Okino


Mayoko Okino - Witch of the East

CN: ItsmeJunko
Pht: Emily Loo & Zero-mask
Helpers: Data & Sijun

I absolutely love the series a lot and Mayoko is one of the characters which possess a complex character who intrigue me. In fact, to unravel the true personality and character of each character was difficult at times because i have to re-read the series a few times to understand what was the true intention of each character. This photoshoot was aimed to bring out the dark nature of Mayoko, and i sure hope i did justice, even a little, to her!

Zone-00 is such a darling series.

Thank you to everyone who made this shoot possible! <3 
I love all of you.

Some of the behind-the scenes pictures

The location was scaring the hell outta me at times though. 

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