Wednesday, July 23

SJ's 21st birthday celebration @ Studio M Hotel

Hi everyone! I mentioned that i would be going to post another entry on the 2nd staycation i went to over the weekend so here it is! I wanted to write this blog entry on Monday because i'm pretty excited to share all the pictures, but fuq my computer became damn friggin slow. I was so friggin pissed off that i went on this major cleanup on my computer (deleted all the games and cleanup my C drive and all), and defrag my drives the first time in 4 years i had this computer (HP computer really lasts). The defragmentation alone took me 48 hours, and it was just my C drive. Luckily everything is running so much smoother now (i mean i deleted 10Gb worth of games and programs) so yeah, hope this shit lasts until i get a new computer.

We went to Buffetown to have lunch (thank you Mummy Tay and Papa Tay for the treat!) and the oysters are like damn nice?! I didn't take any pictures because i don't wanna to appear very sua gu LOL, but the oysters are nice! :> But i think not really that worth because the food all like nothing much also, only the oysters worth the $$.

Asked the waitress to take a picture for us! I look so awkward hahah wtf.

This time round, i booked Studio M Hotel (Premier loft) for him because i liked how the room is different from other hotel rooms. Most hotels simply have a super simple room unless you book the suite or something (which would be super expensive). It took me about 2 days to check around the entire web for the best price, but in the end i still wounded up booking via Agoda.com because of the points and also its much safer? There was an India website with the cheapest rate on the web but fuck, its india website and i had to pay via their currency. Super unsafe, so i still went on with Agoda.

Anyway, the plan was to have Cleo and Eric check into Studio M for me and put up the decorations for me so that i can surprise SJ when i bring him to the hotel. THANK YOU TO BOTH OF YOU LOVELIES, IT WAS SUCH A GREAT BANNER AND THE AMOUNT OF BALLOONS YOU GUYS PUMPED IS JUST <3

His family was supposed to knock on the door and we would go "Surprise!" for him hahahaha. But in the end we bumped into each other after we alight from the bus and 

SJ was like "omg why are you guys here?!" 
& i'm like "omgggggg, fail surprise hahahahaha"


Thank you everyone for agreeing to come for the celebration and even bought the cake for him! I think SJ was pretty surprised even though we did saw each other cuz he didn't expect his family to come down for this. No matter, 21st birthday should be celebrated with family members, so i got them to come!! :)

Happy 21st birthday love!<3

After his family left, we decided to go to the swimming pool for a dip. 

So here's some pictures of us in our swimsuits but apparently too hungry to swim, and it was really hot that day! The sun shone too brightly. On a total random side note, i felt that all my pictures are still blur and pixelated as compared to pictures taken from my iphone :/ I need to check out the ways to utilize my EX2F properly man.

Our #OOTD for the night hahah. I look like some auntie shopping for grocery sia.

We walked around Clarke Quay area and decided to try this Shabu Shabu which has a lot of people (so under-handed!) and is having a 50% promotion for their beef and pork shabu shabu buffet! Thank you SJ for treating me <3 The bill came up to $100+ for us. CQ area for you uh.

I also gave him a Fossil watch as a present, together with Deborah and Kwanter, and he really like it! I wasn't sure what to buy for him, so i figured that since a watch would be both functional and needed since he would be meeting people around, so we got that for him! :)

Went back to the hotel feeling really, really full. The shabu shabu was good, so if you guys are looking for a nice place for dinner, you can try that place! Haha, seeing SJ has a watch makes me feel like having one too! But i am way too violent for a watch - all my watch are either ripped or spoilt LOL.

Went back to the hotel to camwhore!

& he thought it was over and that's it.

Of course not lah! Its a 3-meal course for him this birthday, and i invited his friends over as well because its a birthday party and you gotta have your friends around to celebrate with you!

& this picture is taken after everyone was (pretty) drunk/high and with Zack who came a little later! 

Thank you everyone who came down! I think my photography skills that day damn lousy haha wtf. All the picture quality really like da bian

& this is what happened during the gathering

Thank you everyone who came for the party! :D 
Super appreciate it!!

The next morning was horrible for SJ because he had such a terrible hangover! Oh, and we got complaint twice by the other hotel rooms, like wtf. We weren't even THAT loud. Tch.

Anyway, i took these pictures the next morning because i realize that i can't really find any blogs with actual pictures to allow me to guage how big the room is? I mean, i know there are a number of blogs who did a review on Studio M Hotel but there isn't lots of pictures on the room!

Anyway, i booked this room for SGD$230 and its the premier loft room. I chose this one because the standard room has the bed at the ground floor and i didn't want the bed to get messy since people would most likely be in and out from the ground floor.

The ground floor could most probably hold a max of 8-10 people since it can get a little too crowded and hard to move around with all the shoes and stuffs around so you might want to avoid inviting too many people if you want to hold a party over there.

The restroom is segregated into the shower and the toilet. 
Both equally small. Actually, very small.

Check in time is 2pm and we requested for the check out time to be 1pm. The bad thing about this hotel is that they are rather inflexible with the check-in and check-out timing because even though i could check in at 5pm, i still have to check out at 12pm and not at a later time. We requested one hour later for checking out because we were both super worn from the drinking session last night.

Oh, and you gotta have a credit card or cash of $50 as deposit. No debit card, wtf right? Debit card not money meh zzz. Poor Cleo was enraged and had to find an ATM despite rush of time to help me decorate the room.

Took this picture of the swimming pool from my hotel room level and it looks good right! But damn hot, only angmoh can tahan this weather lol.

Checked out and we went to the swimming pool! It needs the hotel card to access the swimming pool area so thats for you.

#OOTD of the day! Got the shorts from Taobao for $9 hehe. 
Looks good right!

Happy birthday SJ! I hope you enjoyed this mini staycation i planned for you and you had a memorable 21st birthday! Its not that great, but its for you! Thank you Cleo and Eric for helping me to decorate the hotel room, and also everyone who came for the party! All of you made this party a success and possible! <3


To more birthdays together ok :)


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  2. hi can i ask if its possible for me to book the hotel under my boyf name and i pay for it ? as i think i wont be there to check in with him