Monday, July 14

Nantsuttei Ramen over the weekends

Had school on a Saturday so i was pretty tired to head out afterwards. A week of classes straight after cosfest week is really really difficult to adhere to! Gosh, i'm just glad that the week came to a close. 

Had Nantsuttei Ramen over the weekends because it was a new opening and we wanted to try something new! Had been on a tight budget since i just paid my school fees ($6000+ wtf) so this month is gonna be a really cash-strapped month for me!

We were quickly seated even though it was dinner time on a saturday, and served iced water immediately! Not bad uh, i think free iced water is a plus. Like wtf with some restaurants which charges for iced water. Most absurd thing ever. 

Selfie before the food was served, i mean i have to make full use of my camera. Its $340 ok like wtf damn expensive for a poor chap like me /o\ (Especially when you just bombed $200+ on your cosplay costumes)

The lighting was quite bad so i had to edit like mad, hence some of the pictures would look pixelated since i spammed the CLEAR HDR CLEAR HDR button. LOL

I ordered the basic ramen ($12) with the egg ($1.50) as an add on! SJ ordered the Spicy something something ramen ($17). The bill came up to be $35 with GST and service charge. Sometimes i feel really lucky that we both like the same type of cuisine because it would had been very difficult if i love Japanese food and he hates Japanese food! Too hard to coordinate and shit. So quite heng that our taste in food is more or less the same. 

The food arrived!


The char siew really melts in your mouth when you sink your teeth into it because its really soft and easy to bite? The egg is good too (but Holland V's better). I find the soup base too salty to my liking, which made the ramen noodle salty too. I wished it was better balanced in taste. I still love the Tanjong Pagar's ramen noodle and soup. Too goodddddd <3

Woke up early the next day as well to meet a buyer at Outram MRT. Sold off my Vodka Joey helped me to get from DFS because i am still deliberating on a 21st birthday party. No idea how many slices of kidney i have to sell to plan one 8'D Sold it off at like $20 for a 1-litre Vodka, super heart pain </3 But i needed the cash so ohwells!

The weekend was kinda like a shopping trip for SJ because he wants to buy a pair of jeans from the GSS promotion but 1. nothing he likes 2. dont have his size for the design he likes

LOL, damn sad. Went to many outlets but still ~ Went to Mos burger for a drink (milk tea!!!). Nothing to do so took pictures again lo. I have been contemplating a few concept shoots after watching The Wolf Amongst Us gameplay from Pewds channel on youtube. 

The girl with the ribbon. 

I'm beginning to be into concept shoots these days rather than cosplay shoots because the number of animes that catches my eye is really dwindling. Ah, see again lah.

This is one of the effect EX2F has - split frame.

Went to Terminal 2 to send Deborah off! She's flying to Brisbane for further studies and i'm really happy for her to have this chance to travel and gain so many new insights and experiences that you gotta have when you are still young and not tied down by your career and responsibilities. Wish i can travel around too, but that can wait after my degree. Been thinking of further studies after a degree, but ah that's just idle thinking. Hehehehe

Hope that she would have an awesome time over there! 
Take care and enjoy to the fullest alright, its all about enjoying the process and learning at the same time :)

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