Sunday, July 13

Christopher's 21st party & Cosfest Day 2

Immediately after cosfest day 1 was Christopher's 21st birthday party over at Treehouse Villa. Its my second time attending his birthday and he really prepares a lot of alcohol for his party haha! But its good in a sense because everyone gets more sociable after drinking? (like me LOL). I mean all the people in IBZ are really nice people, even his parents, so i had a great time over there and just simply enjoyed myself a lot :)

Thank you for the invite Christopher, if you are seeing this. & happy birthday again! :D

I invited Maggie over this time round as well because she missed the last one so i dragged her along for this one! But she's like one of the better drinkers in the party so she was sober and all HAHA. Too bad, cannot see her high and drunk mode LOL

SJ and me are like doing this MP sign that he and his friends came up with so i just did it cuz i ran outta pose LOL

Really enjoyed myself over at the party, more at the later part whereby everyone kinda settled down and started to have small talks with one another. Its cool to see people still hanging out even after years of graduation and stuffs like that. Haha! Being sentimental over friendship and all. 

Cosfest Day 2 was supposed to be cosing Victoria with Maggie and Rei, but i skipped it because i was having my period and i felt unwell. Decided to hobo mode to the event and meet everyone as a civilian instead. Super sorry to Rei, who was my cos-partner for the event <3 I love you and lets have a shoot soon!

I have no friggin idea why i can't shift the pictures to be side to side, so i'm just gonna put it like it is in the middle. 

Firstly, i would like to thank Gmaine for allowing me to crash her chalet to change and all, i love you lots. George and Andy for preparing the BBQ food and treating all of us the dinner. I would also like to give a super super super thankful hug and yell to all my teammates for Day 1, i really love all of you. It had been so long since i lasted cos in a big team, and with people comes drama and all. But this team was just purely going on and lasting through with pure interest in the series, linking everyone up in a way. Really happy to be part of this team, thank you for inviting me Yui! <3

Next, really happy that Maggie came over to SG and joined me in the cosfest event as well. I hope she had a great time here! & also to SJ for coming over to skw for Maggie's shoot even after a week of work at army, and also accompanying me throughout the weekend and staying by my side during the party to make sure that i was not bored in any way. Thank you so much for accepting my hobby, my interest and my friends. I love you so much.

& to meet everyone again over at the event after a year or something just got me really happy. Even though everyone are not that close, and we probably only talked via online or whatsnot, its just really joyous to see everyone enjoying the event together and living in the moment and not caring about exams, work, drama and basically, life in general. At least for me lah.

Have a good time over the weekends and i will try to update more next week! It had been a crazy week because i was busy with school from Mon - Sat, as well as tuition! Glad that the week had come to a close and am taking a breather now.

On a side note //

My first event photo from Cosfest 2014! 

Thank you Wei Jiat for the picture :)

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