Tuesday, July 8

Dinz with friends + Cosfest 2014 - Prequel

Impromptu dinner with the girls the other day over at Marche! I KNOW I SAID I WONT BE GOING BACK BUT OHWELLS. 

So whilst waiting for Junli to reach,, Xinni and i were taking selfie and this guy behind us was damn fucking weird. WTF he die die wanna be inside the picture?! We were taking pictures and he was there but cannot see his face la. We took this picture (second shot) and he actually MOVED HIS SEAT TO BE IN THE PICTURE. 

Damn weird pls, like wtf you wanna be in the picture so much anot =.= LOL, so we decided not to take picture anymore because he kept trying to be in the picture (like the third and fourth and so on...) 

Went to the smoothie king and we took a super long time to decide and we obstructed the entire queue hahahah wtf. But it was a good and quick catchup session //updates and rants. 


These two week is really busy, but

Cosfest 2014 ended on a beautiful note and i managed to meet many friends whom i have not seen over the past one year during the event! Definitely one of the few best ones i have attended over the years - i have had so much fun guys <3

This year, Maggie came over from HK to attend cosfest again. This is her second time coming over to attend the event, and i'm really happy to have her here again! :D

Went to the airport to fetch her and head over to Gmaine's house because we were checking into the chalet to put Maggie's luggage (someone bought 5 costumes from her lol, heavy die her). Camwhoring with my beautiful selfie camera again HEHEHEH

Brought Maggie to Sentosa because she was having a photoshoot afterwards and she wanted to visit the place! HAHA, alighted the tram and got approached by a man. 

Decided to take picture with the snake even though i know its fucking tourist of me to do so and im a singaporean (but he thought i was taiwanese leh hahaha wtf) and its $5 but


Just take only lah walau

I expected the snake to be really slimy but it was really dry!! Like the skin and all, plus he seems pretty tired to be taking pictures with everyone. Feel so sad for him/her :(

Gosh snake <3 I love snakes so much <33333

Decided to walk around the beach and look see look see because Maggie felt intrigued and wanted to take pictures around the place! Its really cool and all like, you know, being touristy in your own country. Maybe Sijun and me should act yi ge foreigners and explore singapore HAHAH

Went to photoshoot afterwards and we parted ways there because i headed home and Maggie went to the chalet to stayover! Gonna be posting about cosfest in a day or two cuz school started and im really busy this week. See all of chuuu <3

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