Tuesday, July 8

Cosfest Day 1

Assume that day 1 is the happiest and most happening because i cosplayed and i love my team members so much!! I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking instead because pictures speaks a thousand wordssss lol wtf so cliche hahaha.

On the way to cosfest, camwhore on the taxi haha. It was horrible to get a taxi (like always) on weekends over at my place because it seems like everyone is practically trying to get a taxi! Damn annoying sigh. 

Reached the event hall at around 2.30 pm and started to camwhore with everyone i met LOL. All the chiobu and shuaige pls <3

I love my Magi team so much! From preparing the costumes with one another, to buying the materials and updates from one another on the progress of the costumes and props <3 Everyone did their best for this team and i really really love it. Its amazing how much you can achieve with the entire team lah! Heheheh

Cant wait for the photoshoot with everyone and have a complete Kou empire team! <3

I don't have much words to accompany this post with because basically i don't think people other than cosplayers and photographers would understand why people are willing to spend bombz on a costume, wake up so damn early and just stand around to let people take pictures of them. 

Talk to friends and meet new people and just wander around, and even meet rude people who snaps away at you even when you told them you are not ready. Get yourself drained and continue the cycle the next day, chionging and spending money and standing around for people to take pictures of you.

Because when you ask me why, i also dont know why myself sometimes. I spent around $200 - $300 on the two costumes and spend lots of time doing the prop, painting and doing lots of stuffs. 

But, i guess its the joy of finally debuting after all the hard work, seeing your anime characters comes to life and just enjoying the event even though you are tired and bloody shag. I don't know, just like how i don't understand why people would practice so much for dance practice. 

But its cool to find a hobby that you like. 
Makes life more interesting. 

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