Monday, June 30

Sunday date - Transformers 4, Eighteen chefs & Bugis Junction Japanese parfait.

I didn't expect my post on Kinoshite Japanese restaurant to be one of the most read posts on my blog. Another reason to self-condemn because food do get more attention than my personal life bah. In any case, following the SGT POP Sijun went through last Thursday, the weekend was fairly simple because it's cosfest next weekend and i have got to make sure everything is done by then. I would safety say that i am about 90% done for day 1 and 80% done for day 2? I just hope i can finish both cos on time oh god.

We wanted to watch the movie on Saturday but it was full house for all the good timing fuuu. I have not watched any of the previous Transformer movies before this one, so i was only looking forward to watching it after the Transformers ride at USS. I think Optimus damn cool! But he damn sad, always kanna betrayed lol wtf. 

It kinda remind me of Eric and Charles from X-men, Magneto = Megatron & Optimus = Professor X. Maybe its just me, but its cool! I love both series a lot, like more than Avengers. I know i am damn slow because the first movie was in 2007 for Transformers, but i'm really slow at picking up trends (even with anime LOL) so yeah.

Anyways, we went to Bugis Junction and there was this new shop opening selling Japanese desert. I can't remember the name of the store, but its beside Awfully chocolate if i am not wrong, and its at basement 1.

We had the banana cream cheese ($4.50) since it looks good and we chose chocolate for the pancake filling. Its not that big, and one person can easily finish it but we shared it since we had our lunch.

Taking some selfie with my Samsung EX-2F and a glimpse of SJ's sexy cleavage. Overall i feel that the parfait is good and their service is like woah (Japanese peeps), and even though i find that $4.50 is on the pricey side, i guess its the kind of price you would expect to pay for Japanese confectionery at a mall.

Went to 18 Chefs over at The Grand Cathay for dinner since we are both STUDENTS still. /o/ Live long to student card like seriously hahahahahaa

One set of this for like $12 and there's three sides like wtf?!?! And still got ice cream for desert. Damn cheap, time to head there more often and utilize my student card to the maximum. I think this is the good thing about having a fat and round face that you look like some XMM.

What to choose from the sides : 

Yes to : Seafood, prawns and chicken sausage. Japanese curry sauce ohyeah.
No to : Salmon, fish. White cream sauce urgh no taste at all.

Whilst waiting for the food to arrive, which was a while since it was kinda crowded, we take pictures lo! If not buy new camera for what.

I feel that all the shots i take for SJ damn nice. HAHAHAHAHA, Ok, because he is real easy to take pictures of. Cuz he has this fucking defined jawline (i hate you) so he has very little unflattering angle. Damn sian, i hate you.

I think also because my skills not bad. /BHB hahahahahaha! 

Will update soon again on my Mayoko photoshoot soon! :> Cant wait for cosfest even though i really really hope that both days i would turn out ok, like seriously. Day 1 is with all these awesome people and everyone worked super hard for the costumes and props, and day 2 is zone-00 (need i say more?)

Till then folks <3

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