Monday, June 9

Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe - 塚田農場 美人鍋 @ westgate

Went to Westgate to try this Japanese restaurant which sees a really long queue over at Plaza Sing each time i'm over there during dinner time! It didn't appeal as much to me at first because it was hotpot and it looks pretty pricey for limited stuffs to eat?

It is $25 per pax for a hotpot set and the minimum order is 2 pax, so the entire bill will come up to around $60 with GST and service charge.

Haha, doesn't look appealing right? Looks like jelly and you have no friggin idea what it is inside. I thought it looks like the oil of the chicken when i first saw it haha!

BUT, OMFG. Its damn nice. I swear. You turn on the fire, these jellies melt and its chicken meat inside which is so. bloody. good. And the soup is omfg asdgkjfhskfhks good. 


Very little right? Somemore for two people, like wtf full anot? 


I was damn friggin full at the end of the hotpot - even Sijun was damn friggin full. I have no idea why we would be this full, but we are full and bloated but we were super satisfied with the meal. The service was excellent, and the assistant manager really took care of us well and attended to every needs. Everyone was smiling too so the entire atmosphere over at the restaurant was a very cheerful and happy one!

A little gift from the manager - we so did not expect this.

Its such a nice gesture and i really love how they do this out of the goodwill from the company!! It was a good drawing, and i think my face is really square heheh wtf. Now i can look at videos and see what type of glasses and hairstyle suits my face.

A sesame paste which the managers says that makes the soup nicer when added! Personally i felt that it doesn't make much difference but it came in such a cute outlook that i just have got to take a picture of it!! 

Sijun is out for field camp and only back on wednesday so that means two days of no contact at all. Kinda sad that we are always spending so little time together because of NS, but at the same time, its gonna end soon since he is passing out from both MP and SGT this month!

Gotta hang on and stay positive for both of our sake!!


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