Tuesday, June 10

Happy 20 months.

I don't think i have a habit of posting an entry specifically to address each monthsary Sijun and me share, but i thought this month is a special one. Not only is it a rounded whole number, but its also a month which sees lots of emotional roller-coaster ride for the both of us.

Or maybe just me.

This is a month that i am thankful for to be here, and thankful for towards you as a friend, lover and confidante. 

I came across this article online when i was on facebook and it just hit me that i have never notice the little things that Sijun would do for me, or maybe i am just too proud to admit it. Nevertheless, this is my own version of 

20 Thank you messages for your every day prince charming

1. Thank you for always apologizing first no matter what fights we have, even when i'm in the wrong, just because i am too proud to apologize.

2. Thank you for never leaving me alone, for always knowing whats wrong and asking me every 5 minutes until i relent and tell you what's going on.

3. Thank you for the little surprises that you would pull on me when i gush about how sweet other guys are. 
Like how you will buy me the item i thought it was lovely and the next thing i knew, your toilet trip ends up with either a teddy bear bookmark or a phone casing on my hand. Its nothing expensive, but it means so much to me.

4. Thank you for insisting to pay for my meals and drinks when you have the financial capability to do so, and even when you don't, you scrimp on your needs and wants to let me have my way.

5. Thank you for always helping me to analyze difficult situations and bombastic theories when i am too naive to think otherwise - for instance the insurance case whereby you hastily pulled me away and told me the trap when i was so engrossed in the seemingly perfect policy the sales-lady pulled me into.

6. Thank you for always indulging me in my mistakes - even when it's an argument with you.

7. Thank you for doing your best to write as much as you can when i came up with the stupid mood diary and insist that you write something to me even when you are gonna die after the entire training in camp and even teased by your bunk-mates.

8. Thank you for never leaving me alone even i said to leave me alone.

9. Thank you for pushing away all your appointments with your army friends just so because you want to keep me company during the weekends.

10. Thank you for waking up early, head to the market and cook for me even though you have muscle aches all over your body and blisters on your legs.

11. Thank you for listening to me and my occasional rants about stupid things like - I am fat

12. Thank you for loving my body the way it is, and make me feel that i have the perfect one just so because you always assure me it is.

13. Thank you for respecting my hobby and never make a joke out of it when we are together, for coming down to support me even though you know no one and is alone, and doing the props together with me.

14. Thank you for the times you have to sit through countless of soapy love shows and listen to me talk about how sweet the guy is and how sad the story is.

15. Thank you for being on my side when it feels like no one else is.

16. Thank you for making me feel safe whenever i am with you.

17. Thank you for waking up in the middle of the night during your NS time just to talk to me for that 5 minutes and waking up 4 hours later.

18. Thank you for sending me those good morning and good night messages every day, since we got together.

19. Thank you for loving someone imperfect like me and making me feel really fortunate to be someone's else girlfriend.

& lastly,

20. Thank you for being Tay Sijun.

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