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SGTS POP & some tips (if you count) for couples to reconnect during NS time

I attended SJ's sgt graduation parade the other day over at his camp at Pasir Lebar! :) It's my first time being involved in such events so i'm really happy to be able to experience this entire thing once in my life haha. 

The parade started at 6pm (thank god because it was really hot that day) and the sgts were all ready. They trained really hard for his, enduring the weather and having to stand in the same position with the same stoic expression for really long, like 40 minutes? 

Imagine if someone in front of you farted and you can't have any expressions, 
or someone in front of you has their armpit hair showing around or has super disgusting BO smell,
or you see someone holding in their shit for so long that they accidentally stained their pants

and you still gotta keep still.
Gosh, gotta give it to them at times for being to endure such training at times, because i sure as hell wouldn't be able to make it through. 

They deserve this parade to commend them for all the hard work they have put in! (Y)

SJ is in the MP section so basically my camera is auto-tuned to detect the MP wherever they go hahaha

Everyone snapping away vigorously.

The 2nd part of the parade was for family or friends to find the sgts to put the rank up for them. I was with SJ's parents the whole time so we went to find him together, amidst the crowd. LOL, super hard because everyone looks the same!

My amazing boy finally passing out as a sgt now! <3

He wanted me to put his rank for him but i thought that this proud moment should be given priority to his parents. I mean, i'm a pretty practical person when it comes to memories stuffs and shit. I'm his girlfriend, but i am not his wife. His parents are always gonna be there for him, and they were the one who supported him through these 20 odd years so they are the ones who deserve to do this for him and not me.

I'm pretty persistent on such stuffs because your friends and girlfriend/boyfriend is not always gonna be there like your parents does. So i do hope that if there's anyone out there who places their partners on a higher importance than their family, especially their parents, it's time to grow up. 

Unless your parents are really fucked up, then okay.

Obligatory pictures with his parents

& an obligatory picture for the proud sergeant of MP air force :)

Manged to catch some friends over at the parade as well (the ones i wanted to meet luckily) and took some pictures!

With Chen

With Shannon

& of course with SJ :D

I have really gummy smiles for most of the pictures that day because i couldn't control my laughter. For some reason, i was really happy for everyone! LOL, even though it was not me passing out hahaha wtf

The last part of the parade involves them marching one more time and mark the end of the entire pragramme with a cheer and them throwing their berets! :)

Really happy for all of them! There was buffet food for all the guests and soldiers but it was so friggin crowded that by the time it was our turn to take the food, half of the food was gone =.= wtf.

& someone proposed to the girlfriend on the day itself! So sweet and everyone was like "YES YES YES" for him and i was like "WHAT IF SHE SAYS NO?"

I'm such a sucker for the sad ending, but i'm glad she said yes. Just shocking to know that someone would really do it with everyone and at such a location. Pretty sure that the girl is beyond surprised as well. 

Regardless, happy to finally meet SJ after such a long time!!

So happy for you, and so proud of you and i'm gonna skip all the mushy words because its not me, but i just wanna say that going through everything, for us and for our relationship.

I'm glad that we still behave like couple who just got together even though it has been a good nearing 1.8years for us /hehehe

If you are a girlfriend who supported your boyfriend up till now, 9 months into service, 
I just wanna tell you that its ending soon and whenever the two of you face problems pertaining to NS, just remember the reason why you guys held on to the faith at the beginning! :)

I know its hard lah, like "talk only, anyone also can talk what", and i swear it gets really tough at times. All the limited talk time, clash of timing schedule and most importantly, leading very very different phase of your life (me = school and him = army), which is so different?!?!?!

So these are some of the stuffs that we agreed on to keep da love strong (like song lyrics LOL)

1. Good night and good morning messages from both parties every single day, unless its a field camp or that sorta shit. But even so, we try to keep in contact via whatsapp and sms as much as possible, and i leave him messages throughout the day whenever i feel like talking to him because when he is back from the jungle and forest, he would be able to see it! & it feels like we are still communicating (in a way) since i did send him message and all. Its just no reply lah.

2. We settle all shit before he books in. Ok, i think i kinda broke this rule because i was very pissed with some stuffs and the anger just couldn't subside no matter what. But SJ wanted us to be drama-free when he is in camp so he makes it a point to call me and talk (no matter how late) to settle all issues.

3. I try and think from his perspective at times, like when he calls me real late or he suddenly stops replying my sms, i dont throw into a rage. I take a taxi down to see whats up. HAHAHA KIDDING LAH. I just automatically assume that he is tired and just waits for his reply, which he would the next morning if he falls asleep! I think its really important to understand that your boyfriend will actually not reply you because he is really tired after a day of training.

4. I saw before somewhere from a viral blog post that as girlfriends, we should read up on the army terms like whats the gun name and all so that we can ask them and let them talk to us about their life. But i don't think its the only way. I mean, if you are interested in all these stuffs, then ok lah. But like any other girls, i have near zero interest in what happens in the army. So in order to get to know his life more, i ask him more about his life with his bunkmates. Like gossiping you know. Which one is the good guy, which one is the wayang king and the interesting people and stuffs that happens. Why force yourself to know these terms when you can ask about so many other stuffs? 

Like, eh so whats some of the shit your encik says?
So, which bunkmate of yours likes to play with girls?
So, which bunkmate of yours likes to wayang?

Examples lah, like you can think of your own examples of what to interact on. I find these more interesting and you kinda know if someone is truly interested, or not. 

5. Personally, i feel that this is kinda outta his convenience, but SJ sets alarm clock to call me at night to talk for like, 5 minutes since he can't talk when its lights out. I mean, i really feel that this is very sweet of him, and i did told him to stop doing it because if its me having to wake up for my girlfriend, i will be damn damn damn sian cuz i'm someone who cant fucking wake up just to talk random stuffs to someone after i slept. It would be damn hard for me to sleep back again. But he did this all the way for the 9 months, so awww. But yeah la, like to view from a completely logical way, i think that its pretty unsound of him to do this HAHAHHAHA. My mum always scold him for waking up just to talk to me 8'D

6. Not sure if this sounds gay to some people, but we exchange a book whereby we write down our feelings, like those spur of the moment stuffs. Like when i suddenly feel super lonely when i need someone to talk to, i write in the book so that when he reads it, i would be reminded of what happen and demands him to cajole me LOL. Fuck sia damn gay when i type this out, but HAHAHAHAH. I do the same for him too, like he talks about the shit he goes through during field camp, and we draw stickman which fails and when he books out, i read the book and give him a real good hug. Something like postponing the feeling in a way.

7. Last but not least, just enjoy the entire experience! Rather than focusing on the bad stuffs, focus on the good stuffs. Like when he's in camp, i have so much free time on my hand that i reconnect with friends whom i hasn't met for a while, but mostly i spend my time on schoolwork like projects and revision. I would feel obligated to accompany him during his rare book-outs, so i try and settle everything during the weekdays and leave my weekends for him! :)

SO YUPP, some of the things that we do. We are not the perfect couple, or the sweetest couple. We do quarrel and argue and go through lots of drama together, but these are some the shitz we do to keep ourselves reminded of the good in each other. Even though it would be embarrassing like shit if we were to break up the next month after writing this like some army love guru, i'm still gonna post this ok. LOL


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