Tuesday, June 17

Siyi & Zio 's engagement party, Na Na Thai food restaurant & Acid bar

It is called an engagement party right?

Really glad to be invited to Sijun's sister engagement party over at Fullerton bay hotel last Saturday! It is a beautiful place and it's really a lovely sight to see a couple expressing their love and solidifying it into something more concrete - a marriage.

I think there's always something magical about marrying a person and voluntarily admit him/her into your life and allows him/her to have a say on you emotionally and physically. Its scary, but when done at the right time with the right person, it's something amazing.

The view from the room they booked to exchange their vows. It's like one of those rooms which 'floats' on the sea and you can oversee the entire scenery. We happen to see some navy men practicing for NDP as well - on a saturday. Tough life these chaps have, i hope more Singaporeans would spare more thoughts for these people who are going through a tough time, to protect the country.

With Sijun's grandparents and his cousins, who are all really lovely themselves. My first time wearing a midi skirt, and probably the last because its so hot and just weird for me to wear something that's consider more of like "elegant" to me LOL.

Congratulations! :)

Wrote a congratulatory message for the newly-wed and as you can see, i apparently can't draw for nuts. I was drawing sailormoon and her boyfriend and yes it looks disgustingly weird and ugly. But you get the gist /o/

A selfie with the bride

& an obligatory sibling shot for the both of them.

Fullerton Bay is a really pretty place! I absolutely fell in love with their victorian theme and the chandelier that's just, amazingly amazing (is there even such a word?!)

I just realized that the composition of this picture is nice. /pats self

Went to walk around and fount this huge ass mirror with super chio lighting so we took a couple #OOTD shot since we were both dressed up.

Been some time since i last attended any engagement or wedding so i was really excited that day to finally be part of a joyous occasion after a while.

Made bento for Sijun because he says that i have never cooked for him before! Woke up really early to prepare everything but in the end i felt that it was pretty fail since the sausage did not curl and i did not managed to do my minions egg rolls as well "/ so a bit sad. but nevertheless! :D

Went to ate Na Na Thai for dinner since we were around that area and decided to give it a try! Not bad for thai food, and the tom yum is really good.

#selfie whilst waiting for our food haha!

Acid bar at night for a chill night! $10+ for a full pint for orders before 9pm, so ta daa /o/

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