Monday, June 16

Cafe review // { working title }

I wanted to go to ' The butter studio ' but it was off the radar geographically so we ended up going to the Working Title cafe over at Haji Lane.

I heard so much raves, good reviews and so on, but it's seriously one place i wouldn't be returning to. 

I can't appreciate their ambience, and their lights are too dim for my liking. Also, the ice cream sandwich (which is their signature desert i supposed), was nothing special at all. Just two slice of cookie with a scoop of ice cream and that's $7 for you. The burger was so-so, though i like the truffle fries. The caffe latte has too strong of an after-taste to our liking.

I don't think i am coming back to this place anymore. Gosh. 


Had a fever yesterday night and feeling really sick of having such a weak body. Last sunday (which is technically yesterday) wasn't a pleasant one because i had to talk with someone whom i greatly dislike a lot. But nevertheless, the entire thing made me came to a decision - & that is from today's onward, she is gonna be irrelevant in my life. 

With that said, i feel much better, lighter and definitely happier. I stepped out of my own body (is that even possible, but yeah kinda like mentally) and analyze all my actions, emotions and feelings as a third party and a stranger. 

I wanted to slap myself so hard. 

I was never someone who could empathize with girls who sinks too deep and gets entangled with relationship problems, so to be lost in such emotions myself, i felt disgusted towards my own weakness. 

So yeap, its time to take control of my own emotions and keep my focus in check on things that matters and not things that had long ended. 

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