Sunday, June 22

Random musing

I wanna be lazy and just lie down and rot and do nothing. #Lifegoals

Past week has been boring and i stayed home all day because i fell sick and had a fever. I think i mentioned it on my previous posts. Took the time to catch up on X-men movies and its so so so good! I'm in love with Eric, and maybe it's just me, but i think Jean is just an overrated bitch. Maybe its just me. & i don't understand why Wolverine would fall for her so quickly? Its like, you only seen her once and accidentally jabbed her in her ribs, but why so fast ...? 

Movies theory. 

Was browsing through youtube and saw these videos on it the other day and thought that they are pretty cool. The golden retriever super cute haha! <3 

Its a wicked, wicked world ~

I've been thinking to stop cosplaying for good after this year because sometimes i just don't feel the mood to do it anymore. I don't feel happy or motivated or high or anything, its just a hobby that i used to like a lot and now, not anymore.

I just got into a hobby which made me feel miserable and depressed some times, so why am i still making myself feel sad when its not an obligation and it doesn't pay me at all?!

On the other hand, its also the scene that taught me the most about how fucked up some people can be. I'm not gonna be a listening ear or the good girl anymore.

Everyone can just go and fuck themselves.

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