Friday, June 27

Marche Restaurant

This is probably no stranger to anyone out there, but in case you happen to stumble upon my blog looking for some food Marche has to offer, you might want to read on.

Not really a huge fan of Marche but my dad loves the place even though he hates going to town for dinner. My mum and sister loves that place for the indoor playground as well because she can eat in peace and my sister can enjoy herself over there.

As for me, i guess i would choose other places to eat at for what i am paying, but its ok for me.

I love their crepe because its filling and tasty all the same. However, even though i really love anything salmon, i guess i would vote for their chicken crepe instead because the taste of the chicken blends really well with the veggies and pancake!

Sirloin steak, middle-rare. My dad loves steak so he orders this for his dinner. Not too bad, but pretty empty with the side dishes? I love my steak colorful LOL

Spanish Rice, Paella. 
This is one of the dish that i absolutely love and would order whenever i go to Marche. But for some reason, i feel that the standard of this dish dropped and the prawns and chicken served for 1 portion shrink. It used to be so good, and the rice used to taste so much better and less "watery". 

Urgh, i hope they step up their game for this because i really like this one.

Saw that they were having a promotion for Aglio Olio with prawns and crayfish, and i heard from somewhere before that their pasta is to-die-for. Decided to order this and was really disappointed. The aglio olio lacks in taste, and the crayfish was just ... seafood. The prawns were ok, but for $19.90+, i was practically eating pasta without any taste. 

Waste money. 

Last but not least, there's mango and banana crumble cake which is so-so, or maybe because i'm too full to give it a go.

In any case, i feel that Marche's standard of food has dropped a lot, and there are really polite waiters/waitresses and really impolite waiters/waitresses with monotonous and crude replies. Don't think i would head back any time sooner. 

Unless i am craving for crepes.

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