Tuesday, June 24

Nothing to update about so i start to talk random stuffs

I read through my own blog and realize that my blog really lacks the kind of variety you want to read from a blogger, and its mostly full of shit and rubbish and more shit and rubbish. I guess the only thing that makes people want to read my blog is the amount of food i would have over the weekends and the ridiculous pictures i will post on my blog.

When you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.

That's basically what i do for each post - baffling all my readers with nonsense 

Ok, so recently i saw on facebook that there's this competition that started today (i think) and its to post the difference between your BEFORE and AFTER make-up to show the difference double eyelid stickers does to your life. Honestly, i cannot survive if double eyelid stickers doesn't exist because i will look frigging ugly everywhere i go.

So just some information on the competition

I think for me, this kinda competition is like my forte because everyone says that i look damn different with and without makeup and its like a talent to me (LOL - happy or sad) that is underrated so i'm gonna nail this competition with my fabulous-ness.

So i was kinda thinking of what BEFORE picture to use because heck, i have not been taking pictures diligently whilst i look like someone that rose from the dead. 

 I contemplated using this picture since i guess i should be looking decent enough to be on my own social media without ruining my own life but its ok, the winner is the top 3 with the most drastic changes, so in the end my entry looked something like this.

Ta - daa! I took a picture immediately and took off my spectacles because i know that the impact would be bigger LOL. 

Ok, i'm freaking out at my own pictures now. I DO look like this at home oh god. Its un-edited and un-filtered as well so yeah lor, i mean this is definitely my worst and most cui picture liao. Cannot sink any lower liao. HAHAHA.

Suddenly regretting joining this competition and making everyone know how i look like in real life, but fuck it. I'm not some famous blogger, or celebrity or anyone important so flashing my naked face around isn't gonna affect me much other than getting teased or eww if this goes viral, which i hope it doesnt. Hmmm.

Ok, so please erase that image and let me prove to you that i don't look that bad yeah. HAHA

Please don't judge me with me <3

I know you confirm judge me

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