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I suddenly remembered that i gave myself these series of things to write about (apparently in an attempt to make my blog look alive and interesting), and i felt that i have to dedicate a post just on this restaurant.

Da Dong Roast Duck (北京大董烤鸭店) | the Beijinger

China, Beijing, Dongcheng, Dongsishitiao, 甲22号南新仓商务大厦1楼

You can click on the link to read more about the restaurant and blah blah, but really, i'm just gonna show you the pictures to convince you that it's a super nice place to eat at, and it deserves a post just for it.

The restaurant is situated at one of the most high-tier shopping mall in Beijing, something like located at UOB building etc in Singapore. 

Beijing has two famous places for their Peking Duck

1. Quan Ju De - which is the traditional old name in the city
2. Da Dong - which is the newer version and i assume to cater to the richer population in the city

Personally, i tried both restaurants and felt that Da Dong's Peking Duck is definitely nicer than Quan Ju De's. It has a much more succulent taste to the meat and its not as dry as the latter.

They have a viewing platform when you enter the restaurant for you to see how the ducks are cooked by the chefs standing around and so on.

We ordered this appetizer, which consists of the traditional Beijing snacks like osmanthus cakes and so on. Not really that nice to be honest, but the price range is too expensive for us to order too many good food, so we had this to "have a try".

THEIR PRAWN BALLS ARE AMAZING. Like fucking amazing. Even the tomatoes tastes damn good. I don't know what they do to it and how they do it but this plate of goodness is just too bloody good like FUCKING GOOD.

//Cannot stop emphasizing hahahahaha

Some veggie which is kick-ass tasty too, just not as kick-ass as Taiwan's veggies.

Ta-daa, our main highlight of the entire dinner dengdengdeng


But its so good. Its so so so so so so so good i don't know how to express how good it is but its so so so so good like omg good too good 


This is definitely the no.1 place you have and got to visit when you are in Beijing. You can go for all the Japanese food, or the hotpot but seriously, Peking duck in Beijing?

Its da bomb. 

The meal cost the three of us SGD180 odds so its one of the most expensive meal we had over at Beijing for sure. 

But its so worth it.

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