Saturday, June 14

Beijing - Japanese Ramen at San Li Tun

San Li Tun is another place in Beijing which equates to their bar scene. Its the place to go for nightlife activities but they do have shopping malls and restaurants to eat at during the day! They also have this street which has bars at both side of the road, but also has food stalls selling "Ma La Tang" and it can be really kick-ass if you are shivering from head to toe.

Japanese Ramen (无敌家)

This is located somewhere around the 2nd to 3rd floor of the shopping mall, and there are cafes located at the top floor as well so after eating, you can head over for deserts!

I went online and saw recommendations from the locals on this ramen store so i brought the two of them over here to try. I think its so-so, but i like the soup. The noodle is a little too soft to my liking. The egg is good though! But Sijun likes this ramen a lot so i guess it differs from people to people? :)

Haha, i like this omake shot of Sijun a lot. 

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