Wednesday, June 11

Beijing - Where to stay?

Crowne Plaza Beijing, Wangfujing

I'm not even gonna pimp for my own internship hotel because its a fucking good hotel and i love all the front-desk staff over there like im so fucking serious. 

Deborah and me stayed at their cheapest room, aka their standard room and its just <3 Its pretty decent for any hotel rooms out there, and i absolutely love their bed because its super size single and when Sijun stayover, its still a feasible kinda thing! Like, not too small - enough space for both of us.

So some pictures to pimp the rooms

You have a full length mirror to take selfie picture of yourself

You have the corridor to either 

1. Get drunk with your mates
2. Take #OOTD pictures

There is a bath-tub for you to take a bath whenever you like it even though i think baths are a waste of time because you are pretty much bored all the time and you have no idea what to do and you are basically just soaked in water waiting for death LOL.

//cannot appreciate baths

I love the counter though cuz its big enough to place all your barangs barangs all over the place LOL

& they have this mirror between each rooms so when you are waiting for your roomie or what, you can still like camwhore or whatsnot hahahaha!

There are seriously mirrors friggin everywhere wtf hahahahahahah

Overall, i really love Crowne Plaza Beijing, Wangfujing because :

1. The facilities are really good, like the bed and the amenities etc etc

2. The hotel is friggin near to the city area of Beijing so security is +1 and short walking distance to shopping malls is another plus point.

3. I would say that the buffet is not bad for morning fares so yeah, you can include it in your package if you are someone who needs to eat breakfast before heading out

4. There are some super good food (which i will talk about another day) around that area!

5. The concierge knows their way around Beijing. They really do.

On the down side,

1. Damn hard to get taxi because its city area. Dont ever get a black cab if you are a tourist or alone because god knows what will happen? (though we do take them sometimes because cab is so friggin hard to find everywhere)

2. Wifi can be a pain. Its china and sometimes, the internet is so bad that you can't fucking connect and you will get so angry and just go FML. But life goes on people.

On the other hand, i feel that holiday inn (not express) is pretty good too because Sijun works there and the rooms are actually decent and the beds are super nice to sleep, more than Crowne Plaza i must say. & its much more easier to take taxis from his hotel than mine, because his is at a more neighbourhood place? LOL

Either, i recommend these two hotels depending on your budget and your own personal preferences!

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