Friday, June 13

Beijing - What to eat at "The Place" ?

Staying over at Beijing for 6 months would meant that i went to super many different places to eat and merry. And Beijing has a lot a lot a lot of really good food, i am not even lying. I am gonna be segregating according to their area so its clearer and easier for peeps who are visiting that place during their holiday trip.

The Place - 世贸天阶

9 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

This is an absolutely stunning place, and it's also the place which Sijun and I kinda had our first date? LOL, this idiot brought me there after his female colleague brought him there. So bad right. But still, i'm gonna skip the boring details and this is the place to come to, especially at night if you are someone who loves lights and pretty background.

They have this humongous screen above you for people to send in sms and dedicate messages to their loved ones. We heard from our colleague as well that it's a popular spot for couples to propose or have their wedding photos to be taken!

Shopping wise, they mostly sell branded items and are pretty pricey in my opinion. But they have those small carts along the road sometimes selling things like socks, handphone cases and stuffs like that, so you might want to check that out! :)

Winter at that time so it was bloody cold and we had layers on. The only time whereby you would have the chance to wear coats and fur without being judged on - Overseas. 

Meeting Rilakkuma and having a shot with him/her hahaha. 
On a side note, we look like ba zhang sia wtf.

Moving on!

Restaurants that we recommend over at that area. They have rows of restaurants boasting from western pizza, to korean BBQ and chinese cuisine! 

Hong Kong Fare - Charme Restaurant

Decided to give this place a try because we heard good reviews about it from friends. Turns out to be pretty good! The food is pretty delicious but pricey for us. I guess its because of the location la, like machiam town area so of course expensive. 

I like how their milk tea is placed in a bucket of ice so that it would be chilled and at the same time, the ice wouldn't dilute the milk tea! Singapore restaurants - please learn. 

Overall i would give the restaurant a 4/5 for the ambience, food and decor. 

Next up,

Korean BBQ

I wasn't THAT into korean BBQ yet as of then because the craze wasn't really evident back in SG. Sijun and i came across this restaurant during our first date and we had it - & it was so good. I think we paid around $30 per person, but for the price and service, you can't get shit in SG. Like seriously.

Its just reallllyy nice. 
Just look at the amount of meat there LOL.

Paris Baguette 

Its so much cheaper than Singapore?


Hahahahahaha, but regardless, this is the three places which we went to over at "The Place" and its a really cool place so if yall happen to be around Beijing, you guys should check it out! :)

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