Tuesday, May 20

The Prata House

First time going to The Prata House over at Upper Thomson! I know that they have pretty much lots of good food over there, and its really busy and crowded for a Friday night ('cause its my first time there!). YES, my first time having supper at Upp. Thomson road, haha sua gu much. Cannot blame me lah, its so far from my house sia. (Stays at west side?!)

But the atmosphere is good, like woah! So bustling and crowded and people weaving around like threads. HAHA, ok but its a nice place - the prata house that is. It was a sudden craving on my part, so i just went along with it when SJ suggested that place.

I ordered the Egg prata and the sausage cheese one! They are pretty crispy and soft, and their fish curry is nice!! Yeah, looking at these prata makes me drool a little now. 

So many people, so little seats. 
We have to scour the place to look for seats, but the atmosphere is there lah!

Sijun really became tanned after going into NS. 
And we both have such heavy eye-bags under our eyes gosh. But now that exams are over, i had been catching up on my sleep and sleeping till late into the afternoon HAHAHA

The other day i took my sister's playdoh and played around with it because it was in the format of Dim Sum and its so cute LOL.

Does it look like buns? HAHA, Xinni told me that it looks like boobs 8'D

I knew that i never had the flair of an artist.

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