Wednesday, May 21

Mini Haji Lane Exploration

It had been a while since i met all the girls and i was really excited to have a mini catch-up with them last Saturday! Xinni wanted to try and red velvet waffles over at Stateland Cafe (coincidental or what, i was browsing through their instagram tagged photos the other day). Since Joey could only meet us during evening time due to open house, i met Xinni and we went to explore Haji Lane first.

We went to Shop Wonderland and its a quaint cafe located along Haji Lane, alongside the boutique stores. I was attracted to the cafe because of it's name 'Wonderland', and if you know me, i am a huge fan of Alice in wonderland because everything is so mystical and pure amazing. 

We took a lot of pictures because the lighting was good, and ..  we are girls and that's what girls do when we are bored. Or at least most of us. We were dressed because we wanted to take #OOTD shots, but i only realized that i wasn't dressed that nicely after seeing the shot. This is so unfair because i thought i looked okay, but when i head out it looks so meh beside my friends. 'keh.

& so began our non-stop selfie conquest and weird facial expressions (mostly from me). The guy sitting directly behind us, behind the mirror must had been thinking that these two girls really like crazy, keep taking pictures haha!

Xinni says that we look very 文艺 here. I also think so. 
Its like the "Hi, its very nice to meet you"

LOL LOL LOL. Then we went to take #OOTD shots over at this really nice graffiti wall, and people are walking here and there and it was a little embarrassing for us and we kept giggling to each other like silly girls, and trust me - i have seen girls doing that, like being paiseh about it and all (you know all those #OOTD poses yeah) so yes, its embarrassing. 

There's almost a mutual silent understanding between the passer-bys and the ones taking the #OOTD shots. 

"Yes i am just taking my #OOTD shots and trying to look like a model, but i am gonna pretend that im just idle-ly looking at my phone and wow look at my phone casing, its so amazing"

"Oh i know you are trying to hide the fact that you are taking #OOTD shots, don't worry i will try not to look. But i will and i am internally feeling amused at how embarrassed you are, and yes i have those moments too so i am not judging but yes, i am laughing."

Maybe i am just being imaginative, but having been in these two positions before, that's kinda what i think at that point of time. 

The #OOTD shot that i took for Xinni over at the graffiti wall. I thought this one got feel leh hor. Hmm i think Xinni is somehow like a natural model HAHHAA, got feel got feel. 

& this is mine, which Joey took for me. And can i say that this girl is absolutely good in taking #OOTD shots?!?! Its like she is a natural, she takes really good shots! Plus she isn't shy or anything so it kinda made us braver as well. HAHA, next time we know who to find if we need a #OOTD photographer. 

Basically, my entire outfit, other than the bag and outerwear, is from Taobao. Yeap, even those pair of shoes. Call me Queen of taobao now, HAHAHA!

A special feature of the amazing photographer behind all these amazing pictures heh heh.

Ok, moving on!

Stateland Cafe over at Bali Lane

Their red velvet waffles is pretty good and new to the taste-bud. It also looks pretty appetizing and looks so pretteh with the ice cream and the lines design used to decorate the waffles! 

We also ordered their Eggs benedict to share, but its not really worth the price? ($15+) There's only 1 egg when egg benedicts usually have 2 eggs, and its pretty small, and probably not even enough to make one person full as a main. So yeah, not worth.

The place is small and cosy, but seats are limited so if you are intending to head down there on weekends or busy time periods, you might want to go there earlier! We also waited for about 15 minutes for the food to arrive.

Took a lotttt of shots to get this shot haha! Xinni kept saying that its not her problem but the model problem, and we just kept insisting that she should take more shots because .. well, we just want more shots!

Left the place to shop around Bugis Village, and came across this really beautiful building which boast statues of Greek characters (according to Xinni, but to me they look like musicians?), but its really beautiful. Its an office building according to Xinni, and it must seriously be a bliss to work in such a beautiful environment all the time bah?!

Didnt take pictures of the place outside, but we went to their restroom to camwhore LOL.

If you, for a second, starts to question our sanity, just understand that sanity is really boring and its better to be different. But its better to be different when alone and with friends. 

Heh heh heh. 

So that about sums up the day, and we all bought similar shirt in different shades, and thats so cool to me because i always wanted to wear friends x friends cothings with my best friends and now we can!!

Till the next timeeeeeeeee

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