Monday, May 19

Fatboy's Burger

Went to try Fatboy's burger over at Pasir Panjang the other day because SJ wanted to try them for quite some time! I am not a big fan of burgers, but their fries are niceeeee. & the portion is actually pretty big for one person?

Their fries are amazinggggggg, one of the best around SG (at least to me). The restaurant is empty and there were only us and another group of three in the entire place. Maybe its because its 3pm, or that the place is inaccessible since its by the road. 

Went to Vivo City afterwards because i have to go off during evening time to visit my grandmother. Singapore is really boring sometimes. You practically have no where to go once you reach my age, and going to inaccessible places are a no-no if you don't own a vehicle or sorta thing. Can't help but wants to laze all day, all night at home with my messy hair and PJs instead of heading out at times.

Brought him to the rooftop garden/viewing platform to chill and enjoy each other's company. I love times like these. Sitting down and talking to each other about nothing. hahahaha!

Till then loves.

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