Thursday, May 29


It was an impromptu trip with my family to bring my grandmother to the area near the Esplanade to reminisce about the times when she sells Otah along that street. My mother had always wanted to bring her there, and she finally had the chance that day!

I was actually very amused to see them chatting away about those old times, pointing here and there of the places they used to hang out at when it rains (the underground tunnel), and also the bus stop my mum and my aunts took to find my grandparents in an attempt to run away from the nanny then. Lol!

The tunnel which they would hide from the rain back then

I wonder what it would be like when i am old. Would i hold my children hands and tell them all about how Singapore looks like in the past? Or would i had left the country and migrated to somewhere else with better prospects and livelihood. 

My grandmother and I. I asked her why she didn't smile, but she just told me that she feels that she looks fat when she smiles. Talks about being vain! HAHA

Attended Angeline's graduation from Lasalle last week and i'm so glad to see her, finally, graduating and able to have a good night sleep for good. Her design alongside with her that originated from the concept of Alice in wonderland and anime characters.

I thought it looks reallyyyy good! She had always been the talented friend i would rave about whenever some people wants to talk to me about "design". I don't know, i just feel proud of her achievements! LOL

With everyone who went to the graduation show as well. Its good to catch up with ya'll and good to be back mingling with people from the cosplay scene again. 

Makes me feel so happy to be able to talk about cosplay with people who understands and knows what i am talking about! LOL

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